Regal Maintenance Contractors owner Zach Iachini demonstrates Thursday how he utilizes a drone equipped with a video camera in the contracting business he established earlier this year Thursday in Roseburg.

Zach Iachini knew there had to be a quicker, safer way to give customers quotes on their roofs.

When he started Regal Maintenance Contractors at the end of 2018, he bought a drone from the get-go so he didn’t even have to get on the roof until he secured the job.

“There’s no reason to,” Iachini said. “I had that idea and just went with it and it really works. It’s safer on my end, safer for the homeowner, just better all around.”

Iachini has worked in landscaping, roofing and maintenance, but he’s had the entrepreneur spirit since he was 12 years old.

“I’ve been doing odd jobs for as long as I can remember,” Iachini said. “I’ve had such a variety of work experience to where having a single job gets boring. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was kid. My first idea for a business was Spiffy Showers — I was a shower cleaning company. I feel like it’s my niche in life.”

He wants to bring a variety of services at a low cost to Douglas County with his experience.

“I feel that not that many people are going to be able to give a variety work that I can,” Iachini said. “From landscaping to piping, to concrete and roofing. And, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one using a drone.”

Since the snowstorm at the beginning of March, Iachini has been very busy quoting customers for damage from the weight of the snow, water and downed trees.

He said it’s been stressful getting the business operational, but the work has been steady.

“There’s a lot of work,” Iachini said. “A lot of trees down, a lot of damage — a lot.”

The catalyst for his business was his son, Bentley, who was born in the fall.

“That was kind of like the turning of a new leaf,” Iachini said. “I felt starting up a new business and running that and potentially having him work for me years down the road, that was just a really cool thing to me.”

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Willie Stroker

FAA is not displaying anyone with a Remote Pilots Certificate with that name. Federal law requires you to have a RPC when flying commercially. If you don't I suggest you do soon before you get a $1,100 fine. The client would also face up to an $11,000 fine for hiring an unlicensed drone pilot.

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