Nova Health Urgent Care on Northwest Goetz Street in Roseburg.

Roseburg Urgent Care and its 12 sister medical care facilities got a new unified identity this month — Nova Health.

Roseburg Urgent Care was part of Eugene Urgent Care, Prime Care Partners and Atlas Physical Health, and spokeswoman Kristine Rice said having so many different names was confusing for patients.

Rice said when the company started in 2008, each new facility took the name of the community and added the term “urgent care.”

“As we’ve continued to grow and expand, we decided to go to a singular brand identity so we would be more known in the community,” she said.

CEO Bill Clendenen said in a press release the company has grown significantly in the 11 years since it started in Eugene.

“As we reached a pivotal point in the evolution of our organization, we (realized) that our success and the bright future that lay ahead for our company, our people, and our patients could only be defined as a nova or a new star,” Clendenen said. “The collaborative formation of a new entity that is stronger and brighter than its individual components.”

All 13 locations, including the urgent care facility at 1740 NW Goetz St. and the primary care and hand therapy location at 780 NW Garden Valley Blvd., received updated turquoise and teal signage, marketing materials and a redesigned website, but Clendenen said the care will remain the same.

“I want our patients to know that even though our name has changed, the quality of the health care services they have come to appreciate — and the clinical staff they trust — will not change. We are committed to continuing to provide the high-quality health care experience that this community has come to expect from us.”

The transition started in February, so when the NW Garden Valley Boulevard location opened in April it had the updated signage. The NW Goetz Street location finished its transition in June.

“We are not a new company, we are the same company with the same providers and same owners, we just chose to have a new brand identity,” Rice said.

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