Second Bloom Boutique owner Rebecca Blum held a grand opening for her downtown Roseburg shop on June 1.

Painted purple and white bricks lead customers into a quaint boutique in the center of downtown Roseburg where Rebecca Blum is waiting to sell or buy designer women’s clothes, jewelry and accessories.

Blum, a 20-year-Roseburg resident, said she waited and waited for someone to open a shop like hers in downtown, and finally decided to do it herself.

“I’ve looked into opening a store like this for several years and finally just decided if I wanted it to be done, I was going to have to do it myself.

On a warm Wednesday afternoon before her grand opening, people come in and say how excited they are to have the corner spot at 465 S.E. Jackson St. filled. One customer said she thought about doing the same thing and that Blum had created exactly what she had imagined.

“I love this type of store with designer clothing that you can get at a good price,” Blum said. “Whenever I’m out of town, I shop at places like this. I just think it’s a cute little boutique. I love getting a good bargain, but I love nice clothing. I want people to be able to have nice things affordably.”

Blum was a nurse in several fields but always loved clothes. She said she has helped with wardrobe for local Distinguished Young Women pageants for years and loves dressing her teenage daughters up for photoshoots.

“I’ve been doing that sort of thing for a really long time so I feel like I have clothing knowledge and I figured that I could use that in this type of business,” Blum said. “I’m really hopeful that the downtown can be a little bit revitalized. I really can’t think of any other place I’d like to be.”

She looked into franchising a store like Plato’s Closet, but the startup cost was too much and she wanted the freedom to run the business as she saw fit.

“It’s a low-cost way for me to start a boutique and also a way that people in Roseburg can find these things at an affordable place,” Blum said. “I looked into a couple of those chains and they are just very expensive to start. I knew that with my experience and my business savvy, that I could do it at a more reasonable price, plus it would be my own.”

The space upstairs came with the corner shop rental and Blum is already renovating the second level to be a special occasion room with wedding, prom and homecoming dresses.

“People seem to be really excited about it,” Blum said. “I’ve had a lot of people come in with consignments, we have a lot of really nice clothes. I’m very proud of my boutique. It’s exactly what I wanted.”

She plans to hold clothes for a season and is working on partnering with local nonprofit organizations where she will donate the clothes when the season is over.

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