The Sutherlin NAPA Auto Parts store changed hands on Friday from one Douglas County NAPA owner to another.

Jason Cross and his uncle, Corey Cross bought the Sutherlin NAPA from Sue Van Volkenburg.

Jason Cross’s family has owned the NAPA in Drain since 1998 and extended the family legacy that started in the 1960s with his grandparents. He said he and his family are excited to own the store in Sutherlin.

“For one, I live here in Sutherlin and it’s not too often that NAPA stores come up for sale,” Cross said. “We’ve got a lot of work, a lot of improvements we need to do. Good things to come. It’s what our family knows — is NAPA.”

Sue and Rhandy Van Volkenburg have owned the Sutherlin store for 17 years and sold it to the owner of the Drain NAPA Auto Parts store so they could focus their attention on the AutoCare repair shops in Winston and Sutherlin.

“We’re still doing the full-service repair work and we’re a NAPA AutoCare,” Van Volkenburg said. “We’re just trying to downsize a little bit and concentrate on the auto repair shops so we can offer the community a great product with great integrity and buy the brands that they know. We wanted to concentrate on them and give ourselves a bit of a challenge. I think we were spread a little bit too thin with four stores.”

Van Volkenberg said she was excited about keeping the store local and trusts Cross will take care of the customers.

“I love that we’re the only locally-owned auto parts store in Roseburg and Sutherlin and I love that we can still keep it local,” Van Volkenburg said. “I’m kind of excited for a new adventure and spend a little bit more time in the auto repair shops. I think it’s all a win-win.”

The Van Volkenberg’s also own the Roseburg NAPA Auto Parts and will sell it to the manager, Daniel Mathers in April. Sue Van Volkenburg said she’s excited to give Cross and Mathers opportunities to grow in the NAPA company.

Mathers said he and his wife Ruby Mathers are committed to the community and he is excited about the opportunity to run the store even more than he already has since he started in 2001.

“It just came from a conversation where they said they would back me to do it and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to not pass up,” Mathers said. “We fell in love with the town and we’ve been home ever since. I’m a combination of scared and excited. I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to take over a business I’ve already been running for quite a few years. And I love the place. I love the idea of keeping this going.”

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