With a mix of the rustic and the glamorous, The Branding Iron Salon opened the day after Independence Day at 1780 NW Hughwood Ave. in Roseburg.

Owner Kim Adams has 10 years of experience as a hair stylist and had planned to run her own business since the beginning. The 30-year-old decided this year was the time to take the step. After opening the salon, she said it’s everything she imagined it would be, from the wooden floors to the comfortable shampoo bowls.

“It’s exactly what I’ve dreamed about and what I’ve wanted,” Adams said. “It’s been awesome and all the clients have been complimentary and happy.”

She said she built the salon thinking of what her clientele would like.

In addition to the hair and nail services, The Branding Iron offers a coffee and wine bar.

“I knew what I wanted style-wise,” she said, referring to the well-lit salon’s decorations ranging from wooden signs of chandeliers and sparkling silver pillows to a barn door. “I grew up on a ranch with horses so I wanted it to be country and rustic, but pretty.”

Adams said she had always been the go-to friend for doing hair for school dances and celebrations, and her friend encouraged her to attend beauty school in Roseburg. After completing the program, Adams began her career at other local salons All About Me and TLC Hair & Nail Salon before cutting and styling hair at Ultimate Images for seven years.

She said her former bosses, whom she considers her friends, were very supportive of her choice to start her own business. Four of her coworkers from Ultimate Images— along with her clients— joined her at The Branding Iron.

“My hope is for my girls to just be able to expand their business and be successful, for the salon to be a success and for the clients to come and enjoy their time,” Adams said. “Each client is different and I don’t feel like I’m doing the same thing all day every day, which is nice.”

She added of her husband, Scott Adams, “I’m very thankful for having such an amazing, supportive husband that pushed me to pursue my dream.”

Caryn Hein of Winchester, a long-time client of Adams, helped her start up the business. Hein had made Adams’ wedding cake and helped out with her children’s birthday parties over the years, and when it was time for Adams to start the new salon, Hein jumped in as an interior designer. She helped with painting, wood work, staining and more.

“Without her it wouldn’t be what it is. She helped me a ton,” Adams said of Hein.

“She’s a great hair stylist and I don’t think I’d go to anyone else,” Hein said in return. “I just think they have a great group of girls in there. The stylists are all top notch.”

Kim Adams named her business The Branding Iron Salon because she grew up on a cattle ranch riding and competing with horses.

“Ranchers brand their livestock to distinguish their quality as well as ownership. Their reputation is only as good as the quality they raise,” she said. “I believe it’s the same for hair and nails... Each stylist has a distinct signature of what they excel at... or in a sense their “brand. A salon is only as successful as the atmosphere and the quality that walks out that door.”

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