Split between two buildings, Sierra Walters is trying to manage two cultures in the self-care industry with The Cottage, a nail, aesthetics and hair studio.

She wants to emphasize the health and wellness of the industry, bringing a “chill” design to the buildings and separating nails and aesthetics from the hair studio.

“The cultures are so different,” Walters said. “The hair studio is a salon culture. Skin care and spa nail treatments are more of a serene setting. Here we’re able to do both, and it’s great.”

Walters wants her salon to be a combination of all of the things she loves from her 13 years of experience from nail salons in Ashland to casinos to touring salons all over the world.

“I want it to be wellness-focused for clients,” Walters said. “People who take time out of their day to get a treatment like that deserve to be treated well. We want this to be people’s happy place where they crave to go when they’re stressed out or having a bad day.”

The culture Walters wants to bring to self-care involves chemical-free and acrylic free care for the nails and aesthetics, creating a calming environment with people who are excited to come to work. She said she wants to be the boss she always wanted.

“I’ve been planning this place for five years,” Walters said. “I just didn’t know when or where,”

The two buildings were built in the 1960’s for the Golden Room of Hair Fashions and the sign out front still bears the old name.

“Word is they were open for 49 years,” Walters said. “To have a successful salon for that long is darn near impossible. We are trying to restore the sign out front. We want to get the panels to look as much like the original, (but) with our name.”

Walters started the renovations five months ago and plans to finish the rest in the next seven months.

“We’ve got big plans, but it takes patience,” Walters said. “It’s been the biggest test of patience in the world.”

At the moment, there is one hair dresser and four employees on the nail and aesthetics side, but Walters is slowly adding more people and wants to be open seven days a week “because it’s never a bad day to get pampered.”

The future is already forming for Walters, who wants to take her idea of nail, skin and hair-care culture to the franchise level and is already grooming one of her nail technicians to become a manager.

“I don’t really hold onto details so much,” Walters said. “I just project out a future goal and stay fluid so I can receive it in whatever the universe brings it to me. It’s kind of a method of living.”

She held a soft opening for the salon on July 7 and will have an open house for the grand opening on Sept. 22.

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