Employees prepare the pediatrics pod for patients at the new Umpqua Health-Newton Creek medical office building in north Roseburg in December.

Umpqua Health is consolidating its two locations into one.

The health clinic at 3031 NE Stephens St., which opened in December will absorb the patients from the clinic at 1813 W. Harvard Ave. by Aug. 23.

CEO Brent Eichman said in a press release that having all of the clinical services under one roof will help patients better navigate their care.

“The vision is to make it easier for people in Douglas County to access the care they need when they need it,” Eichman said. “This move is the next step in realizing that vision. This consolidation is a way to improve efficiencies, provide opportunities for patient empowerment and improve patient transitions of care.”

Kat Cooper, the director of marketing and communications at Umpqua Health Alliance, said patients today could have a primary care provider in one location and a behavioral health provider in the other location.

“At our Newton Creek office here, we’re able to offer folks primary care, pediatrics, behavioral health, urgent care, and it’s all one location under one roof,” Cooper said. “This is our building here, we built it from the ground up and we’re really proud of it.”

Cooper didn’t have specifics of how many providers and staff would transition to the new location. The clinic recently hired two new primary care providers for the Newton Creek location.

“We’ve got several providers and staff are moving, I can’t give exact numbers though,” Cooper said.

Umpqua Health owns the coordinated care organization, Umpqua Health Alliance, which was put on a one-year remediation plan for failing grades on the contract application in business administration, care coordination and integration, clinical service and delivery, and community engagement.

A coordinated care organization is a network of health care providers designed to provide care for patients under the Oregon Health Plan.

Umpqua Health Alliance's current contract with the state will expire Jan. 1 and it will have one year to fix the issues before it can be restored to the full five-year contract.

Cooper said she doesn’t predict they will lose any patients and the organization will actually save money in the long run.

“We’re really only two, maybe three miles away,” Cooper said. “We made sure when we were building our building, there’s a bus stop right out front. We think that the accessibility here is pretty easy.”

Umpqua Health’s scheduling team will be reaching out to existing patients to ensure a continuum of care. Anyone with questions about services can call Umpqua Health Newton Creek at 541-229-7038.

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