WaterScapes Spas and Pools owners Dave Hansen and Sandra Hansen, second from left, with their daughter Breez Hansen and employee Luretta Guhlke, left, at their Roseburg business on Wednesday.

Dave and Sandra Hansen spent seven weeks renovating the warehouse space for the new home of WaterScapes Spas and Pools and brought over some of the old items, including 13-year-old Koda, the shop dog.

The Hansens celebrated the grand opening at 1800 Mulholland Drive with their yearly “fresh start” sale during the beginning of January.

“As the hydrotherapy community is growing, so is our business,” Dave Hansen said. “We just outgrew our old location and it became way too difficult to move spas in and out of our old store. We needed to get a location that was more efficient for us.”

Sandra Hansen said they had been planning a move for about five years to give them more space and she said the freeway exposure is an added bonus.

“We’ve been looking for quite some time, realizing we needed to have room to grow,” Sandra Hansen said. “That’s why we’re here now, because we’ve grown.”

When the Hansens bought the business 13 years ago, it was called Hot Tubs USA and had been at 1630 NW Garden Valley Blvd. for 25 years.

“It’s just packing up our customers to come as well,” Sandra Hansen said. “There are still people who think we went out of business. People are used to that spot. It takes time to get re-established.”

The Hansens were in managerial positions in retail and media when they saw owning a business as their slice of the American Dream.

“We used to get together on our lunches and just drive around and dream about owning our own business,” Sandra Hansen said. “We had a lot to learn. We were able to learn that it was the experience of the business and the customer base. We embraced it and we love it.”

While the recession reduced the spa industry by nearly half, WaterScapes Spas and Pools held on while the Hansens waited for people to discover the healing power of hydrotherapy.

“There is a big need for hydrotherapy,” Sandra Hansen said. “A lot of people think a hot tub is a luxury. For a lot of people, it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity. In other countries, it’s more common for them to have water therapy. It’s been around since the Roman days.”

Dave Hansen said the new space gives them room to expand the showroom and use the forklift to maneuver the spas better without hurting their budget.

“When you look at it, it’s about the same (cost),” Dave Hansen said. “It all was operations. It’s just so much more efficient. It’s better customer service in all aspects.”

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