Whiskey Creek Rustics is opening in a permanent location so Sarah Gallino can sell her iconic Oregon baseball caps and other handmade decorations face-to-face all year and teach other people how to make their own decorations.

Gallino has been selling Whiskey Creek Rustics for about two years. She had enough people ask her about holding classes and opening a shop that a final nudge from her husband got her to take her supplies out of the house and into a building at 368 NE Ward Ave.

“It’s just a place to buy the things you are seeing at the arts festival or the Christmas fair or at our event, Rust, Dust and Brews that we put on, you can find them four days a week versus having to wait for those few times a year when we all come out of the woodworks together,” Gallino said.

She wants the workshop space to be the primary portion of the store with the retail side acting as a “gift shop.”

“You’ll have public ones or if you have a small group of your own, we can do them privately,” Gallino said.

“I feel like I can figure out how to do just about anything. If someone has a special request, I’m pretty excited to figure that out.”

Gallino has been crafting her whole life and getting the joy of seeing someone want her stuff since she was 14 years old when she helped in a craft booth with her mom.

“I like the person-to person transactions that happens at markets and festivals,” Gallino said. “I’m excited to stand up behind the counter and get to do that. It’s the pride of seeing someone else get excited about something you made of your own free will and creative mind.”

The store is decked out with a industrial, rustic feel from the electrical pipe, wood and curtain dressing room to the large wire spools showcasing handmade signs.

“I’ve tried to make everything or repurpose everything you see,” Gallino said. “The vibe I’m going for her is kind of farmhouse industrial, Pacific Northwest, outdoorsy, kind of got a Country Western, I mean, how do you describe a Roseburg style?”

Whiskey Creek isn’t a real place that Gallino knows of, but she could imagine it would be a place she would love to go to. There is a Whiskey Creek off of Smith River sort of near Drain.

“It embodied all of the things I was doing,” Gallino said. “It was a little bit country, kind of edgy, a little not-a-care-in-the-world. It sounds like a mythical place where times are good and fun can be had.”

The store officially opens at 4 p.m. on May 4 with live music from Neil Gregory Johnson, local brews from Old 99 Brewing Co. and burgers and more from Granny’s Mini Hut, door prizes and giveaways.

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