It’s part classic truck, part state-of-the-art beer bar, and full-on party. That only begins to describe the Classic Brews Mobile Tap Truck, a business recently launched in Roseburg by Denise Chavez that features a classic Ford truck that has been converted into a mobile, multi-tap beer dispensary. The News-Review spoke with Chavez about her unique business.

QUESTION: Tell us about yourself. What’s your background?

ANSWER: I have been a resident of Douglas County for about 25 years and graduated from Roseburg High School. I have been married for 18 years and we have a son who is a senior at Roseburg High School. When I am not working I really enjoy spending time in our flower garden or with my 2nd child Chopper, an English Bulldog, who just turned 12.

Q: Who did the work on the truck?

A: My husband and I did the design and build for the tap truck. We used local maple milled out of the Glide area. Paul Radon, from Umpqua Tap Cleaning, assisted with running all of the tap lines and fittings. Restoration on the truck was completed in Florence, by the previous owner.

Q: What kind of truck is it? Why this one?

A: 1956 Ford F350 Flatbed with functioning original hydraulic dump bed. We chose this truck because it was already restored and we loved it at first sight. It was actually the first truck we looked at.

Q: Tell us about your first event — how did it go?

A: We had an opportunity to pour for a wedding at Faulk Vineyard. The event went excellent and was a big hit. The tap truck was a conversation piece, as everyone was curious about the story behind it. The bride and groom took beautiful pictures with the truck that we can’t wait to see. We really appreciated the encouraging feedback the guests shared with us, which makes us inspired for our next event.

Q: I see you have a unique bar you set up too. What’s the story behind that?

A: The bar is made out of 100 year-old barn wood from Oakland. It is easily disassembled after each event and fits it the back of the tap truck. I stay and pour for the entire event, which I really enjoy.

Q: How much does it cost for an event?

A: The cost varies based on location and times of the event.

Q: Anything else you want people to know?

A: We would like people to know that we are excited to possibly be a part of their special event. We encourage our clients to support local breweries. There have been a lot of clients showing interest for next year so book now!

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If I'm reading it correctly Oregon Law states that "Only the holder of a Brewery-Public House license issued under ORS 471.200 (Brewery-public house license) may qualify for a Special Events Brewery-Public House license." The Classic Brews Mobile Tap Truck doesn't appear connected to a brick and mortar pub or bar, therefore no Brewery-Public House license. Questions regarding their compliance with Oregon Law should have been asked during the interview. source:


Awesome! And it's a nice match for a taco truck on every corner.

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