Anvil Northwest rolled out a new logo to promote the City of Roseburg on social media.

It’s too early to tell whether Anvil Northwest, the Roseburg marketing firm recently hired to promote tourism in the region, will be successful in its new role.

But one thing is clear: Anvil won’t be accused of being dull or antiquated, based on its presentation to the Roseburg Economic Development Commission on Tuesday.

Anvil General Manager/Creative Director Cam Campman unveiled a new logo for the area, featuring Roseburg broken into two lines to form a block, as well as a digital-heavy marketing strategy featuring eye-catching photos, videos, event calendars, interactive maps and other promotional tools.

“We’re going to be starting literally from zero with the whole site,” Campman said. “It’s going to bring us from the stone age to modernity.”

The presentation included a litany of marketing buzzwords and phrases:

Sub-icons, flagship logos, core assets and accompanying assets, primary and secondary color palettes, splash pages, regionally apt colors, shoulder seasons, monochromatic and DMO (Destination Marketing Organization).

Anvil social media coordinator Kristi Rifenbark said the group will focus on using Facebook and Instagram to promote the region while the web site is being built. Those efforts will focus on events and curated information from wineries and other area attractions, and over time roll in photos and other material, she said.

There will be some print products, like brochures, maps and the like, and Umpqua Valley Magazine — with fewer ads — will become a visitors guide, Campman said.

He also said the tourism campaign will focus on a handful of core areas, including: bygone days, when Douglas County was considered the timber capital of the world; Roseburg as that cool undiscovered destination; wineries and the growing brewpub scene; the year-round beauty of the area.

“We truly have those Norman Rockwell four seasons,” Campman said.

Anvil took over the job of tourism promotion this summer.

For the past 20 years, that job had been handled by the Roseburg Area Chamber of Commerce. However, growing tensions between city and chamber officials — based in large part on what city officials considered a lack of vibrancy and sophistication in the Chamber’s promotion efforts, including its oversight of the Visitor Center — prompted the city to cancel the contract.

The new contract was put out to bid and Anvil was selected among four groups — including the Chamber. Anvil was awarded a three-year contract worth nearly $1.5 million.

There have been lingering tensions between city and Chamber officials, especially over the Visitor Center.

In a letter Roseburg City Manager Nikki Messenger sent last month to Chamber President and CEO Debbie Fromdahl, Messenger outlined a number of “concerns” the city has with the way the Visitor Center was being managed. Those included the lack of space being given to Anvil; the Chamber’s insistence that Anvil stay quiet in the center and not put on events like wine tastings; and the general feeling of ill will towards Anvil.

Messenger wrote that she was concerned she would be forced “to referee” between The Chamber and Anvil. The result is that Anvil will not be using the Visitor Center as a base for its promotion campaigns, and the Chamber will continue to occupy that space but without an agreed-upon role for Visitor Center activities.

Roseburg City Councilor Tom Ryan, who also is the Chair of the Economic Development Commission, touched on that unusual dynamic at the beginning of Tuesday’s meeting.

“I just want to say it’s a shame we haven’t worked anything out with the Chamber because that building was designed to be a Visitor Center,” Ryan said.

Following the presentation, however, Ryan and others on the EDC said they were happy to have Anvil on board.

“I’m very impressed,” Ryan said. “I certainly don’t have buyer’s remorse.”

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$1.5 million to improve Roseburg's tourism without $1.00 going towards fixing the homeless/transient problem. Seems like a waste of money to this taxpayer.

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