Brandi and Leo Voepel stay busy. They were in the middle of expanding their Pacific Fitness gym in Winston — building a two-story, nearly 7,000 square-foot facility across the street from their current 4,000 square-foot gym — when the opportunity to open a gym in Myrtle Creek appeared.

They jumped at the chance, renovating the building at 106 N.E. Oak St. that used to house the Ye Olde Art Shoppe. News-Review reporter Scott Carroll spoke to the Voepels about their new gym, and got an update on the expansion in Winston.

Q: When did you open?

A: We opened our Myrtle Creek location on February 3rd. We opened with a soft opening since we weren’t prepared for the work that was required until we got in there, but we said we were opening on the 3rd so we made sure we did it!

Q: Will you have a grand opening?

A: Yes, we would love to have it on March 8th, since that was our opening date for the original Pacific Fitness in Winston. However, that’s a Sunday, so we will need to check with the chamber of commerce to see that it coincides with their schedules.

Q: How are things going?

A: Myrtle Creek is such a pleasant community. It only took a couple of days before people were calling us by name and boy were we shocked when the girls from the coffee shop came in to sign up and brought us our coffees! We were both surprised and grateful that we had been accepted into their wonderful little community. It is such a supportive and tight knit community where you know you always have a friend. To say we love our job and helping people live their best lives would be a huge understatement!

Q: Why Myrtle Creek?

A: We chose Myrtle Creek because they have been without a fitness center for approaching three years now and many of our members in Winston reside In South county so we knew it would definitely get utilized.

Q: How did you find this property?

A: When the owners of Oregon South Fitness Club reached out to us after their building had sold and they were faced with closing, with no intentions of moving to another location, we knew that there would be a need, so we started with realtors and went through three of them, looking for buildings but the word had gotten out and our members were on the hunt. We tracked down many leads until we were finally presented with the Ye Olde Art Shoppe. We went down as soon as we got the news and took a peek. Instantly we knew this was it. This building would suit all our needs and then some! Also, Myrtle Creek is located directly off I-5, which makes it so convenient for anyone living in Myrtle Creek, Tri City, Riddle and Canyonville.

Q: What happened to the last gym in Myrtle Creek?

A: Oregon South was a very well known and popular gym for up to 30 years, so for a community to be so acclimated to something then have it taken away is a real shock. I can’t tell you how many times we have been thanked by people for coming to their community, and that feels amazing to be so welcomed!

Q: Can members go to both gyms?

A: Yes, we offer dual membership to our facilities, which means your key fob will open the door to Pacific Fitness in Winston as well as Pacific Fitness South in Myrtle Creek. So you get two gyms for the price of one.

Q: What are you doing with The Iron Shop in Roseburg?

A: The Iron shop is owned and operated by Casey Richey, who built our cross-training rig with all the removable stations and etc. It’s pretty amazing. He has been working on custom-built equipment and has asked us if we would place different pieces in our gym for feedback to get it dialed in perfectly with the proper angles and dimensions, as well as functionality, and we are very much obliged to do so. It’s pretty exciting to be part of that.

Q: How is the expansion in Winston going?

A: The new building in Winston is taking longer than expected — we weren’t aware of the time it takes to engineer things like second stories, ramps and running tracks. We are very hopeful though and praying that it will be completed sometime this summer. The Myrtle Creek location couldn’t have opened up at a better time for us. It gave us something to stay busy and not stress so much about the timeline of the Winston project.

Scott Carroll can be reached at or 541-957-4204. Or follow him on Twitter @scottcarroll15.

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