When WinCo Foods recently announced plans to build a supermarket at the site of the vacant Roseburg Kmart, company officials said they had been looking to open a store here for more than a decade. Now that those plans have formally been submitted to the city, it appears the project is on the fast track for approval.

The Roseburg Planning Commission on Monday signaled its approval for the project, following several weeks of written exchanges between WinCo Foods and the group Safe Streets Roseburg, which opposes the development.

Safe Streets Roseburg, through its Eugene attorney Sean Malone, has raised concerns about traffic and pedestrian safety at the site. Malone said a traffic study done on behalf of WinCo Foods was insufficient and more needed to be done to protect shoppers entering and leaving the proposed store.

“Opponents of this application are concerned about safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists given the increased traffic that will result from the project,” Malone wrote in one letter to the planning commission. “Importantly, the level of traffic from this proposal will create congestion not seen in years, if ever. The former store at this location ceased operation in 2017, and, therefore, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists will be subject to a significant increase in traffic.”

WinCo officials countered that any increase in traffic will be minimal, and said they had taken measures to mitigate any potential problems. Those measures included a new median along part of Stewart Parkway and a traffic signal that forbids right turns on a red light.

“I feel like this is safe, I feel like it’s the same standard that we’ve had for other businesses, and I feel like we’ve met pedestrian safety,” Planning Commissioner Stephanie Newman said Monday. “I really do feel like it met all of the codes.”

The Boise-based supermarket chain has submitted plans that calls for demolishing the old Kmart and replacing it with a slightly smaller WinCo. Once construction begins the store should open in about a year, WinCo officials have said.

The Kmart building, located at 2757 NW Stewart Parkway, covers 88,000 square feet. The new WinCo store would also be single-story and spread out over just under 73,000 square feet. The store will be open around-the-clock.

WinCo plans to reconfigure the parking lot, install new landscaping and perform other improvements to the site, which covers about 9.45 acres. The property also contains the Big 5 Sporting Goods building at 2655 NW Stewart Parkway. WinCo has said it has no plans to change the current business operations of Big 5.

WinCo, which stands for the words “Winning Company” combined, dates back to 1967, when two Boise businessmen founded a discount store called Waremart. The name of the company was changed to WinCo Foods in 1999. The employee-owned supermarket chain is known for its bulk items and low prices.

On Feb. 1, WinCo opened new stores in Bend, and in Wenatchee, Washington. The openings represented the 23rd WinCo Foods store in each state.

Two other stores opened in Montana in late February. That brings the total number of stores to 133 in 11 states, with more than 20,000 employees.

WinCo also has six distribution centers, including one in Tri City that employs more than 50 people.

The next step in the process is for the Planning Commission to adapt the finding of facts presented by WinCo. That has been scheduled for a May 17 meeting. If the Planning Commission decision is appealed, it would come before the City Council. And if the City Council’s decision is appealed, it would go to the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals.

The Planning Commission on Monday also approved plans for Ash Springs Apartments, a 105-unit complex on 7 acres located at 311 NE Pomona St., along Diamond Lake Boulevard. The site is just north of Oak Springs Apartments, an 89-unit apartment complex on a 5-acre site at 331 NE Pomona St. Both complexes are planned as two-story buildings featuring two-bedroom, two bath apartments. Timberview Construction Inc. is the developer for both properties.

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(9) comments


This store needs to be at the Hwy 42 and I-5 interchange.


Do you have any reasons for coming to this opinion, or are you just seeing if your fingers can still type stuff?


Safe Streets Roseburg is rather interesting. They posted on Facebook regarding the new store. They claimed Sherm's was a local business and needed to be "saved." They further claimed that traffic would double when the new store was built. I posted that Sherm's wasn't local. In fact, it is headquarterd in Medford. I also asked where this new traffic was coming from since Roseburg's population hasn't grown in years. All of my posts were deleted by Safe Streets Roseburg.

For those wondering why the new store is going where it is going, it's rather simple. Nobody wants to build anything in the old parts of town or on Diamond Lake Blvd.


It doesn't make sense to crowd these grocery stores together and add to the already existing traffic problems. This doesn't seem to be well thought out or perhaps they plan on making changes to the roads at taxpayer expense. I have to wonder who will be benefitting from this addition.


Look at this way P&Z: Winco is just a store; it might be located exactly where another store used to be. The building is vacant, and it's been vacant for a while. Vacant buildings do nothing good for a community...having a viable business instead of a vacant building is a good thing.

Winco is a good store, but if you choose to not shop there you will still have other choices. Wonder not who will benefit from the addition of this store to Roseburg -- I'll be simple consumers like YOU and ME (and I can't wait).


All good points dejadoodoo. That old Kmart is an eyesore and is doing nothing positive for the local economy. This area is already a major shopping district and adding another viable store where an ugly husk now sits will be good for everyone. I'm looking forward to the new Winco as well.


This is a bummer having all grocery on one side of town. The average person shops within a couple miles of their home. Downtown, Melrose area, 138 area are all food/fresh produce deprived. Sherm's is pretty good about helping the community at large and I hope they continue to feel the love.


I agree, Kempossible


I disagree. I have always preferred the convenience of being able to shop at a variety of stores in the same vicinity as none of them seem to carry all the items or brands I'm looking for. This saves everyone a lot of gas too as they are not having to drive all over town to get their grocery shopping done. And the competition keeps prices down for everyone. I suspect the real objections are that there are a lot of loyal Sherm's shoppers who are concerned their business will suffer, but Walmart grocery is also just around the corner and that hasn't hurt their business any.

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