The Roseburg City Council on Monday is scheduled to hold a special meeting on whether to allow a WinCo Foods supermarket proposed for the site of the vacant Kmart on Northwest Stewart Parkway.

The City Council will be the second City of Roseburg public body to meet on the matter.

On May 3, the Roseburg Planning Commission approved the project, following several weeks of written exchanges between WinCo Foods and the group Safe Streets Roseburg, which has opposed the development.

On May 17, the Planning Commission held a special meeting and adopted the finding of facts presented by WinCo. That decision was appealed, which means it now comes before the City Council. If the City Council renders a decision Monday and that is appealed, it will go to the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals.

Safe Streets Roseburg, through its Eugene attorney Sean Malone, has raised concerns about traffic and pedestrian safety at the site. Malone said a traffic study done on behalf of WinCo Foods was insufficient and more needed to be done to protect shoppers entering and leaving the proposed store.

Safe Streets Roseburg has not returned phone calls and emails seeking comment on its position.

WinCo Foods, a Boise-based supermarket chain, has submitted plans that call for demolishing the old Kmart and replacing it with a slightly smaller supermarket. Once construction begins the store should open in about a year, WinCo officials have said.

The Kmart building, located at 2757 NW Stewart Parkway, covers 88,000 square feet. The new WinCo store would also be single-story and spread out over just under 73,000 square feet. The store will be open around-the-clock.

WinCo plans to reconfigure the parking lot, install new landscaping and perform other improvements to the site, which covers about 9.45 acres. The property also contains the Big 5 Sporting Goods building at 2655 NW Stewart Parkway. WinCo has said it has no plans to change the current business operations of Big 5.

WinCo, which stands for the words “Winning Company” combined, dates back to 1967 when two Boise businessmen founded a discount store called Waremart. The name of the company was changed to WinCo Foods in 1999. The employee-owned supermarket chain is known for its bulk items and low prices.

On Feb. 1, WinCo opened new stores in Bend, and in Wenatchee, Washington. The openings represented the 23rd WinCo Foods store in each state.

Two other stores opened in Montana in late February. That brings the total number of stores to 133 in 11 states, with more than 20,000 employees.

WinCo also has six distribution centers, including one in Tri City that employs more than 50 people.

Monday’s special City Council meeting is scheduled to be held via Zoom, beginning at 6 p.m. It will be streamed live on the city’s Facebook page.

For more information on the proposed development, call the city’s community development department at 541-492-6750, or email

Scott Carroll can be reached at or 541-957-4204. Or follow him on Twitter @scottcarroll15.

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(8) comments


So I used to live by Rose school, and shopped at the old Safeway for years before it closed. It was convenient because it was within walking distance. There is a *lot* of housing in that area that would benefit from an actual grocery store within walking distance, just like west harvard would also benefit from having a store in that area again as well. What Roseburg does *not* need is yet another grocery store in a loaded cluster of grocery stores, no matter how good of a chain it is. So why not a store in a residential area that is grossly underserved? Grocery Outlet and the various mini marts should not be the only options for south Roseburg.


Although I'd prefer not to see another supermarket, this is America and they should be able to do as they please. We should be encouraging any, and all, businesses to relocate here. Who knows, maybe there is another business looking to move, but decide against it when they see this kind of community backlash, not to mention the exorbitant fees, and requirements, levied by the city. Beggars can't be choosers and we desperately need new businesses.


There is already traffic congestion at tbe Edenbower and Stewart parkway light, especially during certain periods of the day. As another stated, this is in front of Mercy hospital, and many medical offices across the street. Albertsons is right behind the building, shares a lot with Sherms, and Wal-Mart is right around corner. I still say this is not a good location nor is another GROCERY store needed here. The other end of Roseburg could use a full.size grocery store. Such as where the old Safeway was.


I look forward to WinCo coming to town. I will continue to frequent Sherm's, Safeway and Fred's, depending on what I need and how much time I have. WinCo will also get my business.

I encourage the city council to look closely at the traffic study done by WinCo. How does it align with the city's Transportation System Plan? The current TSP emphasizes bike and pedestrian access, as well as emergency vehicle access to Mercy. Does WinCo's traffic study adequately address that?

Wal-Mart and Costco were required to pay for traffic improvements in order to prevent congestion. If these multi-billion dollar corporations had not been required to pay for street improvements and signals, the city's taxpayers would have subsidized them. People are struggling. WinCo is valued at 7 billion dollars. We don't need to subsidize them, no matter how much we want them here.


Any reasonable person can see there just might be a problem with traffic and especially when a hospital is right across the street. If anything, Mercy should be buying this property and utilizing it for education and/or. The old Safeway site would be much better for Winco as they are one of those stores that "Build it and they will come" no matter where it is! Come on people, be sensible! I love Winco but I don't like congestion more!


There are better sites for the I-5 interchange at Hwy 42...plenty of space, and high visibility. And don't say no one would travel that far to go to the store....yes they would!


One could just as easily say that there are better places for a Sherm's Thunderbird. The current Sherm's building is aging, but it's not up to me to say if they should rebuild somewhere else in town or "run it into the ground" until it dies; it's up to the owners.


"Safe Streets Roseburg has not returned phone calls and emails seeking comment on its position."

Safe Streets Roseburg seems to be hiding behind their lawyer. I believe it's pretty obvious who they are (folks invested in not allowing competition for Sherm's Thunderbird), and why (that pesky competition thing again) -- and there's little mystery of what their position is.

WinCo is a great store -- we shop there when we have the opportunity, and look forward to having one of their stores right here in Roseburg. [thumbup]

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