Denny’s restaurant on Harvard Avenue in Roseburg undergoes a remodel on Thursday. The project is part of the facelift the retaurant chain does on all of its restaurants around the country every five to seven years.

Denny’s restaurant on Harvard Avenue is going under the knife, the saw and the brush for a corporate-mandated remodel.

Crews from Idaho, California and all over Oregon, including Douglas County, set to work this week to give Denny’s a whole new look from exterior paint to flooring and booths to counters and from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Mike Miller works with Legend Seating in Idaho and contracted the teams that filled the building all week. He said he’s worked on hundreds of Denny’s restaurants as far away as Hawaii and New York and the remodels happen every five to seven years.

“(The) public is hard on stuff,” he said. “Everything wears out and gets beat up. Denny’s corporate likes to redo them every seven years. Update it and make it look nice.”

The crews closed the restaurant down Sunday night. Typically, a remodel will be complete by the following Saturday, Miller said.

“They are losing money when they close down,” Miller said. “Denny’s wants it to be open as fast as they can, so everything is at 100 miles an hour.”

Miller expects it to be finished by Friday so customers can come in for lunch.

“It’s going to look pretty good,” Miller said. “It’s going to look pretty sharp.”

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The place certainly was in need of a face lift, seems like they must be a bit understaffed, sometimes one lady running around like crazy trying to keep up. Trying to get a second cup of coffee was tough. We haven't been there for a while because of slow service but will certainly give it another try now. I don't want to leave the impression that the people weren't working hard, they just wasn't enough help to get the job done.


Last time we were in there someone was doing drugs in the bathroom.


The last time we ate at Denny's there was a homeless female sitting in the booth across from us. She peed herself while she was drinking coffee. We haven't been there since.


Bet it really grosses you out when a baby gets their diaper changed. Hey sh#t happens.


That's absolutely fabulous! How about a cooklift and a menulift, too, thanks?


Here's a solution: Don't eat there! DUH!

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