A woman who worked as a clerk at a Roseburg market is suing the market and its manager for creating a hostile work environment that reportedly included acts of sexual assault and battery, and sexual harassment against her.

The woman filed the lawsuit in Douglas County Circuit Court on Nov. 15 against G N Marketing LLC, doing business as the Short Cut Market on Northeast Winchester Street, and Nachattar Singh, a manager there. The woman is seeking $150,000 in damages.

According to the complaint, the woman began working at the market in August. She worked about 20 hours a week at a salary of $11 an hour. Throughout her employment at the market, she was reportedly subjected to numerous incidents of unwanted sexual harassment by Singh, including several incidents that involved sexual assault and battery.

Several alleged incidents occurred when Singh insisted that the woman accompany him on grocery shopping trips for the store. During these trips, Singh would reportedly brush up against the woman’s butt and chest and find ways to get close to her, the complaint said. Singh reportedly made numerous comments to the woman, such as, “You’re an amazing woman you don’t even know” and “I love you working for me.”

The complaint also claims that on one occasion Singh asked the woman to come into the back office to help him with something. She went into the office, leaving the door open as she entered. Singh reportedly closed the door then came up behind her, put his hands around her waist and moved one hand to her crotch and started kissing her neck. Singh then reportedly tried to kiss the woman on the lips but she pushed him away and ran out of the office.

The complaint also alleges that Singh groped and otherwise sexually harassed the woman in the beer cooler, including brushing up against her butt with his hand and kissing her on the neck; and shoving his crotch into her butt, putting his mouth close to the woman’s neck and breathing heavily and moaning in a sexual manner.

“Mr. Singh engaged in inappropriate and offensive sexual touching of (the woman). Mr. Singh’s touching was unwanted, offensive and done in a threatening manner,” the complaint said.

The complaint also said Singh’s actions caused the woman to suffer emotional distress, mental pain and anguish, embarrassment, loss of dignity, sleeplessness, humiliation and loss of enjoyment of life.

The woman informed Singh she was quitting the job by text message and asked Singh for her final paycheck. Short Cut Market and Singh refused to give her that final paycheck, despite numerous requests, the complaint said.

She is owed about $280, according to the complaint.

During a brief interview at the Short Cut Market, Singh said he was not aware a complaint had been filed but denied all the allegations against him.

“She is just doing this for the money,” Singh said. He also said he had mailed a check for the back pay owed to the woman to her attorney.

G N Market LLC registered with the state in April 2019. The registered agent is Gurdial Singh of Riddle. Nachattar Singh, also of Riddle, is listed as a member.

The complaint was filed on behalf of the woman by Ashley Bannon Moore, an attorney with the Portland law firm Aldrich Goldstein, P.C.

Moore said she did not believe Singh had been served with the complaint, but that he was well aware of the woman’s complaints regarding his behavior toward her. Moore also said that after the complaint was filed she did receive a check from the market for the back pay.

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I am a former Co Worker of the Women . We have worked together for a total of about 4 years. We were both employed at Am Market in Sutherlin and also worked at Shortcut Market for the previous Owners. The previous owners owned both stores so there was a few of us that went back and forth. Over those 4 years up until the new Owners took over in June.

Over those four years of working with her not even once was there ever a problem or accusations made . She made no accusations about the Previous Male owner or our 6 other Male Co Workers. Everyone that knows this Women would never have a bad thing to say about her She has the Best Customer Service you will ever get. Customers came in on a daily basis just to visit with her. From what I hear there was a lot of unanswered questions from the customers as of why this girl that had been working there for years was just up and gone one day. .

Yes I know there are cases out there where people do this just for the money but I know there is also solid evidence on this case that the public or I will ever be aware of. I think now days you have to have some pretty solid evidence before someone just ask for that kind of money

I doubt she thinks they're just going to hand it over to her On just his word against hers. They could interview customers and Co Workers of hers and they would tell you she is a loyal kind hearted person.

The judge will be provided with the evidence so I guess we will just wait and see what happens.


This is so bad it is almost funny. Owners name sounds Oriental to me.

Sorry, my take on this...why didn't she leave after the 2nd warning to him? Or did she not give him a warning? If it had been me, I would have walked out the door! SHAME ON HIM; 2nd time SHAME ON HER! She could have walked out at any time. There are a lot of jobs open in Roseburg. This would be an interesting trial.





Hi, Sharon.

First time shame on him, second time shame on him.

Apparently you have never had children to feed. Perhaps this woman had to survive, perhaps this woman is kind hearted as stated by a fellow coworker and felt obligated to stay due to believing the harassment would stop. Unfortunately it did not, and she was made victim of this abuse.

As a woman you should know better than to victim shame.


What is it with these Indian business owners here who think they can do whatever they want to women? Is there something in their culture where women are just objects to them? This is the 3rd Indian business owner now I've heard about here engaging in inappropriate acts on female employees. Last one was the article the NR broke last summer ish I believe where an Indian hotel owner who used to be employed by Mercy got reported and fired for doing inappropriate things to women. The summer before I had a female friend who worked at a separate hotel also ran by an Indian male. Twice he engaged in very inappropriate acts towards her and was bad enough to where her mental problems where sets off (PTSD, anxiety) and she had to move out of the city as a result. The girl was only 19 at the time. Unfortunately she didn't report it so hes probably done it to other girls since with no repressions or remorse.

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