A Douglas County man is suing a Coburg trailer sales company for reportedly quoting him a price for a trailer, adding about 25% to it when he came to pick it up, then refusing to return his nearly $3,200 down payment when he would not pay the higher price.

Jeff Parish filed the complaint against Oregon Trailers LLC on Nov. 17 in Douglas County Circuit Court, alleging unlawful trade practices and breach of contract. The complaint also alleges that the company is not properly licensed to operate in Oregon.

Parish is represented by Roseburg attorney Jeffrey Mornarich.

Oregon Trailers LLC, whose address is listed as 90711 Roberts Road in Coburg, has not yet formally responded to the lawsuit.

According to the complaint, on March 10, Oregon Trailers quoted Parish a purchase price of $10,234.30 for a 22-foot goose-neck tilt bed trailer. The following day, Parish accepted the deal and put down 30% of the purchase price on his credit card. Oregon Trailers charged the credit card $3,193.10 for the down payment.

On Aug. 16, Oregon Trailers called Parish and told him the trailer had arrived and was ready to be picked up. However, the company gave Parish an invoice for the trailer with a new price on it — $12,650.

Parish said he wanted the agreed-upon price, but the Oregon Trailers refused. On Aug. 20, Mornarich emailed Oregon Trailers a letter demanding that they honor the terms of the sales contract. The email also warned of “additional legal ramifications” if Oregon Trailer did not honor the terms of the contract.

However, Oregon Trailers reportedly ignored the demand letter, terminated all further communication with Parish and failed to return the $3,193.10 deposit Parish put down for the trailer, according to the complaint.

The complaint also alleges that Oregon Trailers is not a legitimate company under Oregon laws.

The price quote and emails from the company list its name as “Oregon Trailers LLC,” while the company logo and website list its name as “Oregon Trailers.” However, neither name is listed with the Oregon Secretary of State Business Registry. There is a company named Oregon Trailer LLC, but that is a completely different business, the complaint said.

The complaint also said that after researching the matter, Parish and his attorney discovered that the company’s true business name is “Oregon Trailers LLC a Limited Liability Company of Delaware.”

“Because of the type of business Oregon Trailers conducts, Oregon law requires it to have a valid Oregon vehicle dealer certificate,” the complaint said. Neither Oregon Trailers LLC or Oregon Trailers has such a certificate, according to the complaint.

Oregon Trailers violated state law by “causing confusion as to the source of goods sold to (Parish), making false or misleading representations of fact concerning the contract price for the trailer, selling trailers to consumers as Oregon Trailers LLC and Oregon Trailers without a registered business name or a valid Oregon dealer certificate associated with those business names, and engaging in unfair or deceptive conduct in trade or commerce,” the complaint said.

After Oregon Trailer terminated its communications with Parish and refused to sell him the trailer at the agreed-upon price, Parish bought a similar trailer elsewhere for $15,686, according to the complaint.

Parish is seeking the difference between what he paid for the replacement trailer and the price he was quoted initially by Oregon Trailers, which is $5,451. He is also seeking his $3,193 deposit back, for a sum of $8,644, plus attorney fees, court costs, interest and other associated costs.

Additionally, Parish is seeking an “enhanced prevailing party” fee of $5,000.

“The conduct of Defendant in the transactions and occurrences that gave rise to this litigation was reckless, willful, malicious, in bad faith, and illegal,” the complaint said.

Ashton Waggoner, who is listed as the registered agent for Oregon Trailers LLC with the state and chief operating officer for the company on his LinkedIn page, said the lawsuit was vague and had no evidence to back up the claims contained in it.

“I’m telling you right now there is no case and anything you run is not going to look good when it comes back to you,” he told The News-Review.

Scott Carroll can be reached at scarroll@nrtoday.com or 541-957-4204. Or follow him on Twitter @scottcarroll15.

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