The oldest McDonald’s in Roseburg has cleared away the tarps and dust following a top-to-bottom renovation that took four weeks to complete.

Work on the restaurant at 511 NE Garden Valley Blvd. began on Sept. 16 and crews finished the job Friday, owner Patti Sanders said.

“The restaurant looks great and we hope our customers will enjoy it and our regulars will find their ‘new area’ to sit daily just as comfortable,” Sanders said. “The restaurant also features two free-standing Kiosks for those who like to place their order themselves versus waiting in line.”

The Garden Valley McDonald’s was built in 1975 and had a major renovation in 2001, she said.

The recent remodel was a bit tricky because of the small lot size and parking lot, Sanders said. To do the work and keep the restaurant open Sanders had to alternately close the drive-through, and then close the indoor seating and open up the drive-through.

Sanders bought the Garden Valley McDonald’s in 2017 along with four others in Douglas County — one on Stewart Parkway in Roseburg and others in Sutherlin, Green and Myrtle Creek. She also owns seven McDonald’s in Eugene.

The Garden Valley restaurant was the final one in Douglas County to be remodeled.

The restaurant has also been doing a lot of deliveries through Door Dash, Sanders said, and is currently the second highest delivery store out of the 12 she owns.

Sanders said she has scheduled a couple of events for employees to celebrate the remodel, and starting this week the restaurant will have a “First 100 Customers Free” promotion. There will be merchandising in the store with details on that, she said.

The remodel is expected to spur more business, Sanders said, and to serve the higher volume the restaurant is currently hiring. Those interested should check with management at the restaurant, she said.

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It looks like any walk-in clinic now....very drab and UGLY.

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