Watch where you crouch, especially if you’re working in a busy store like Walmart.

That is the message conveyed in a complaint a Douglas County woman filed against Walmart after she reportedly got hurt after tripping over a worker in the store who was kneeling down scanning merchandise on a shelf

Leann Botkin filed a negligence complaint on Oct. 28 in Douglas County Circuit Court. Botkin, who is represented by Portland attorney S. Matthew Lind, is seeking $10,000 for the alleged mishap.

Walmart had not yet formally responded to the complaint.

According to the complaint:

On or about Aug. 13, 2020, Botkin was shopping in the Roseburg Walmart, located at 2125 NE Stewart Parkway. As she was shopping, she tripped over a Walmart employee who had crouched down in the aisle scanning items on the shelf, thereby creating a hazard.

According to the complaint, Walmart was negligent for several reasons, including:

Failing to warn customers of potentially dangerous employees and independent contractors.

Failing to provide a safe working environment for customers.

Failing to adequately train employees and contractors on ways to avoid creating unsafe conditions for customers.

As a result of Walmart’s negligence, Botkin suffered injuries, some of which may be permanent, including upper and lower back pain, the complaint said.

Botkin has incurred about $6,200 in medical bills. She also suffered non-medical damages for pain, suffering, inconvenience, frustration, anxiety, depression, and the interruption of her daily activities in the amount of $10,000, according to the complaint.

Botkin is also seeking attorney fees.

Abby Williams, a spokesperson for the Walmart corporation, said Walmart had not received a copy of the complaint yet, and therefore could not comment on it.

“We take customer safety seriously,” Williams said. “We will respond to the allegations in court once we have been served with the complaint.”

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Let me guess, the idiot shopper was looking at her smart phone when she tripped.


How can you not see a person in the aisle???

Huge bbfan

Watch where you're going. How's about that?

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