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Standoff on Carnes Road ends peacefully after nearly five hours

An armed standoff that lasted nearly five hours ended peacefully in Green after police convinced a man accused of stealing a Ford pickup and attempting to elude police gave himself up at the north end of Carnes Road in Green.

Timothy John Rourke, 54, of Roseburg, was arrested around 4 p.m., bringing a peaceful conclusion to a day that began with angry confrontation at nearby Heartwood Resources, a pursuit of a stolen vehicle by a family member and ultimately police, before police stopped the suspect at a dead end at the bottom of an overpass near Interstate 5.

At 11:07 a.m. Saturday, dispatchers were notified that a Ford pickup had left Hartwood Resources at a high rate of speed followed by a citizen who recognized the vehicle as stolen.

Deputies later located the vehicle on Glengary Loop Road and a pursuit ensued. A Winston police officer was able to successfully deflate the tires on the pickup using spike strips. The driver continued to drive with deflated tires through the intersection of Roberts Creek Road and Highway 99, running a red light. The pursuit ended at the north end of Carnes Road near the bike path when the driver crashed into the concrete barriers at the dead end.

As many as 30 police officers from several agencies, including Oregon State Police, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Winston and Roseburg police surrounded the pickup shortly after 11 a.m. Members of the Douglas County Sheriff Crisis Negotiation Team and Tactical Response Team were called in as Rourke was observed to have a shotgun in his hands. Rourke refused to comply with deputies and continued to place the firearm to his head, according to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

Police blocked Carnes Road about a quarter mile from the scene while negotiations continued. Residents expecting to return home near the standoff, and even a mail carrier were denied entry until the standoff ended.

Police, he said, spiked the tires somewhere near Glengary Loop Road, but the driver didn’t slow down.

“He drove all the way from there to here (the end of Carnes Road) and he blew through the intersection at Kelly’s Corner at 60 on two flat tires,” the witness said, who asked not to be identified.

Garen Elston said he was on Carnes Road when he saw the driver go by “on rims” with police in pursuit.

“He was doing about 70 on rims,” Elston said.

Rich Hutton was working on his house next to Carnes Road when he heard a commotion.

“He was barreling down the road, but he didn’t have any tires on his rims, and about 10 cops following right behind him,” Hutton said. “I thought, that guy took a wrong turn, I bet he didn’t know that’s a dead end.”

Rourke is being held on charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of stolen vehicle, attempt to elude, reckless driving, felon in possession of firearm, attempted assault on public safety officer, possession of methamphetamine, failure to perform the duties of a driver, second-degree assault, as well as two warrants out of Josephine County.

Riddle boy designs Nike shoe to benefit Doernbecher Children's Hospital

RIDDLE — An 11-year-old Riddle boy who was diagnosed with a rare meningococcal infection that resulted in a kidney transplant and a quadruple amputation was one of six kids who were asked to be patient-designers for the 2018 Doernbecher Freestyle program to benefit the children’s hospital in Portland.

Donovon Dinneen was one of the guests of honor at the 15th annual Doernbecher Freestyle gala at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton on Nov. 10, where the shoes, Air Jordan XV, and apparel collections were auctioned off. All the proceeds went to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

The shoes that Donovon designed have black suede uppers that were embossed with a dragon-scale pattern. The gold metallic accents include Donovon’s birthday and the Japanese symbol for protection. The sockliner is a tribute to his favorite anime series with Donoku and Goku characters.

The shoes and apparel collection sold at the auction for $30,000.

“It was amazing,” Shawnda Dinneen, Donovon’s mother, said. “I knew these shoes sell for a lot, and when his went for $30,000, I It feels good because we feel like we’re giving back, after all Doernbecher does for us.”

Every member of the family...and there are nine of them... got the whole package that Donovon designed. It included a pair of the shoes, a backpack, jacket and a T-shirt.

Donovon has survived some tough times. He was 2 when he was diagnosed with the bacterial infection that quickly spread throughout his body. The prognosis was grim. Doctors had to perform partial amputations on all four of his limbs to save his life and weren’t sure he would survive even after the procedures were completed. He also had a kidney transplant April.

Shawnda Dinneen and her husband, Charles White, were on a cruise when they got a call on the ship, and they were told something is wrong with Donovon.

“The nurse said: ‘This is serious. You need to get here right now,’ and they gave him about a 10 percent chance of living,” Shawnda Dinneen said.

The transplant went well, though, and the kidney is functioning normally. And that procedure gave Donovon a chance to focus on other things, like the subject in school that earned him his prize.

“Art,” he said without hesitation. “I want to be an artist.”

“When he was designing you could see his face just come to life, it was amazing,” Shawnda Dinneen said.

White said Donovon kind of liked the attention that he got on stage at the event in front of a large crowd.

“They treated him like a movie star. He had interviews with people that would come up to his booth. He gave autographs, explained the shoe, I thought he’d be kind of shy and reserved, but he was hamming it up that night,” White said.

Donovon still has more surgeries ahead, but he’s learning to adapt to his physical challenges. And in spite of the amputations of parts of both legs, he can now wear the shoes with his new prosthetic legs.

Their complete collections will be available for sale beginning Dec. 15 on, and at select Nike retail and partner store locations.

The Doernbecher Freestyle program, which is in its 15th year in the partnership with Nike, has raised over $20 million for the hospital.

Man arrested for allegedly raping a woman

A local man was arrested Thursday after allegedly raping a woman earlier this month.

Christopher Lee Wilson, 31, was charged with second-degree sex abuse and fourth-degree assault.

Police first began investigating Wilson when the victim went to Mercy Medical Center after being assaulted, according to court documents.

The victim told police that she had been drinking shots of fireball at the Kodiak Bar and Grill on Nov. 10 where she had met up with friends.

She said that while the group was at the bar, Wilson joined them, according to court documents.

The woman told police the group then went to a friend’s house at around 1:30 a.m. She said she went to sleep in her female friend’s bed around 2 a.m., and woke up feeling someone lying on top of her.

Then, Wilson raped her, the woman told police.

Her friend, who was still in the bed, asked what was going on, according to court documents.

The victim said she got out of the bed and went to the bathroom. When she returned to the bedroom, she told police she saw Wilson lying “spread eagle” on the bed.

The other woman in the bed told police that she heard the victim moaning when she woke up around 3 a.m. She said the room was dark, but she knew it was Wilson in the bed. She told police she felt uncomfortable in the bed and went to the bathroom.

Both women told police they heard a fight, but did not see it. Later, a man named “Joe” went with the victim to the hospital because he thought Wilson broke his jaw after he confronted him, according to court documents.

When police interviewed Wilson, he said he acted in self-defense when he punched the man and left the house. He said he didn’t think he “hit hard,” but “he did go down,” according to court documents.

Wilson also told police he was “guided” into the bed by the victim, but that he didn’t have sex and didn’t take his clothes off.

When police questioned Wilson about the allegations, he admitted it was a bad idea to sleep in a bed with two women, according to court documents.