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County Christmas tree goes up at courthouse

The traditional Christmas tree at the Douglas County Courthouse signifies the Christmas season is near, and in the early hours of dawn Friday morning, the tree arrived at the courthouse on a county lowboy trailer. It took crews about an hour to erect the tree in the permanent stand on the courthouse lawn, in preparation for the annual tree-lighting ceremony on Dec. 1.

This year’s tree is about 45 feet tall with a 16-inch diameter at the base. The tree came from the Tenmile area where it was encroaching on power lines. With the aid of Douglas Electric, county workers were able to harvest the tree. County officials said the tree was growing into the lines and would have had to come down anyway, so they decided to give it a useful and productive end of life.

Public Works Director Scott Adams said they start looking for a tree several weeks ahead of time.

“We try to find it on county right-of-way if we can, I put feelers out to timber companies, the Forest Service, (the Bureau of Land Management), and we look on our own properties,” he said.

The tree was hauled on a county trailer and then with the aid of a crane from Jack Mathis Construction, it was lifted off the lowboy trailer and lowered into the stand in front of the courthouse.

“This one’s a little heavier than most of them, but it went fine,” said crane operator Ron Covey, who has been helping with the tree for more years than he could remember.

Building and facilities employees will start decorating the tree and the courthouse building right away to get them ready for the lighting ceremony.

Eric Irby, from the county’s Building and Facilities Department, was ready to start as soon as the tree was in the ground and the equipment was moved out of the way.

“It takes about four days to do it all,” he said. “The tree is the toughest part, I’ve done it a few times when I got so tangled up I had to cut them all out, it was horrible,” Irby said.

After issues with a tree two years ago that drew complaints from the public, Building Facilities Director Janet Coleman said she wasn’t going to let that happen again.

“Last year, I had just started and I was told my lot in life was to make sure the tree was a good one,” Coleman said.

In conjunction with the Downtown Roseburg Association, Douglas County will host the 2018 Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at 5:45 p.m. Dec. 1.

The tree lighting ceremony is free and the DRA will be hosting festivities before and after the lighting, including a visit from Santa.

There will also be a live nativity scene at the First Christian Church across the street from the Courthouse beginning at 4:30 p.m., with free cookies, hot chocolate, apple cider and coffee.

For more information about the festivities, contact the DRA at 541-673-3352.

Roseburg man arrested after punching cop

A Roseburg man was arrested Thursday after allegedly punching a cop in the face.

Kyle David Fain, 26, was driving with an expired registration when Winston police pulled him over Wednesday night.

Fain refused to roll down his window and told police that he didn’t have a driver’s license.

An officer opened the driver’s side door, grabbed Fain by his left hand and asked him to get out of the car. After the cop grabbed Fain’s hand, Fain shoved his other hand underneath his leg, according to court documents.

The officer pulled out his gun, pointed it at Fain and told Fain to place his hand in clear sight. Fain eventually pulled his hand out along with a clear plastic container with methamphetamine inside, according to court documents.

After Fain threw the container onto the floor, the officer put his gun away, according to court documents.

When police attempted to detain Fain, the man started flexing and tensing up. The officer grabbed Fain before “a fight ensued,” according to court documents.

A Douglas County Sheriff’s Office deputy told Fain to stop several times and warned him that he was going to be stunned.

Eventually, the deputy used a Taser to stun Fain. The arresting officer noted that “Fain did not appear to be affected by it,” according to court documents.

A cop took Fain to the ground, at which point Fain punched him in the face below his eye. Three officers wrestled Fain into handcuffs as he continued to resist, according to court documents.

Police wrote in court documents that a knife and syringes were sticking out of Fain’s pocket.

In the back of the patrol car, Fain apologized to the officer for punching him in the face, saying he was just trying to push him off, according to court documents.

Fain was taken to the Douglas County Jail and charged with resisting arrest, failing to present an operator’s license, harassment, methamphetamine possession, attempting to commit a Class C felony and a probation violation.

Dollar Tree, Grocery Outlet opening in Myrtle Creek

Dollar Tree and Grocery Outlet are coming to Myrtle Creek.

The stores will be part of a shopping mall in the city’s urban growth boundary.

Dickerhoof Properties is developing 6.9-acre area just outside of the Myrtle Creek city limits and has committed 2.5 acres for the two stores.

The developers, including Matt Dickerhoof, have not signed any agreements with any other businesses yet, but are in discussions with several other potential tenants.

“Grocery Outlet and Dollar Tree will be right next to each other,” Dickerhoof said. “We have excess land to put future tenants on.”

Courtesy plans from Dickerhoof Properties to The News-Review  

Dollar General and Grocery Outlet have a dedicated 2.5 acres out of 6.9 acres outside of Myrtle Creek. The developers closed on the property at the end of October and are still looking for tenants to fill the remaining space.

City Administrator Sean Negherbon said the developers did not need to get city approval because it’s not within city limits, but they presented their plan to City Council anyway.

“We need some options for groceries down here and the other stores will bring a lot of other options too,” Negherbon said. “All that activity is just good for South County economy.”

How many tenants could fill the remaining space depends on what each tenant needs. Dickerhoof said it could be up to 20 tenants by the time they finish. Dickerhoof Properties has built about 10 Dollar Trees and 10 Grocery Outlets.

“They pull similar clientele,” Dickerhoof said.

The companies often build near each other since they both advertise as discount stores, Dickerhoof said.

The property was officially sold at the end of October for $275,000 and the developers started working on it shortly after. Dickerhoof did not have an exact estimate for when it would be finished.