The News-Review and Cow Creek Umpqua Tribe will sponsor the 43rd annual Douglas County Spelling Bee from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. April 18 at the Wildlife Safari’s Cheryl Ford Center.

A set of spelling words will appear on this page every week through March 28. The weekly word lists can also be accessed online at by entering “Spelling Bee” into the search field.

The county spelling bee champion will win a trophy and new laptop. Trophies and prizes will also be awarded through fourth place.

All public school, private school and home-schooled students in the fifth through eighth grades are invited to participate. Students wishing to enter elimination rounds in their district must sign up with their school’s spelling bee coordinator. Home-schooled students should contact the home school spelling bee coordinator at 541-679-1251.

The county spelling bee coordinator may be contacted at Questions regarding the weekly word lists may be addressed to or to The News-Review at 541-229-4328.


Cabinet — An upright case or cupboardlike repository. “Safety-conscious parents of young children put cleaning supplies out of reach or in a locked cabinet.”

Edger — A tool used to trim the border of a lawn along a sidewalk or curb. “Chris trimmed the border of Mrs. Howard’s lawn with an edger.”

Authorship — The origin of a literary work. “Mr. Schroeder questioned the authorship of Donna’s short story after seeing a similar story in a recently published literary collection.”

Agitated — Troubled in mind; disturbed, excited. “The crowd became agitated when the candidate failed to appear.”

Prematurely — Before the proper time; too soon. “The rowing crew began the race by pulling easily, not wanting to tire themselves prematurely.”

Hedgerow — A row of shrubs or trees enclosing or separating fields. “The property belonging to the estate extended from the hedgerow at the left of the house to the stone pillar one mile down the road.”

Bismuth — A heavy, brittle, metallic element that has a low melting point and low electric conductivity. “Bismuth can be found in some cosmetics as well as in some medicines.”

Virtue — Integrity of character; uprightness of conduct. “The old farmer believed that there was a sovereign virtue in hard bodily toil.”

Spoiler — A narrow plate that extends along an airplane wing and is raised to reduce the lift of the wing and increase its drag. “When the pilot announced that the plane would soon land, Corey kept an eye on the wing so he could see the spoiler rise.”

Mallard — A common wild duck of the Northern Hemisphere. “When Timmy fed the ducks at the marina, he gave his last piece of bread to the mallard.”

Osprey — A large harmless hawk that is a dark brown color above and mostly pure white below and feeds on fish that it captures by hovering and diving. “Because of its preferred diet, the osprey is also called a fish hawk.”

Counterpoise — Balance of a horseback rider in the saddle. “For such a young rider, Dana maintains an impressive counterpoise.”

Cumbersome — Of an excessive size, shape or length; unwieldy. “Emrick dragged his cumbersome duffel bag by its strap.”

Belligerent — Inclined to or exhibiting assertiveness, hostility or combativeness. “Mr. Ketchum did not appreciate Regina’s belligerent attitude.”

Luminance — The quality or state of being luminous. “The light source in a motion-picture projector needs to be bright enough to ensure sufficient screen luminance for proper viewing conditions.”

Cello — The bass member of the violin family tuned an octave below the viola and played from a sitting position with the instrument held almost vertically on the floor. “Morrie hopes one day to play cello in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.”

Stewardess — “A woman who attends to the needs of passengers (as on an airplane, ship, or train). “When addressed as stewardess, Emily requested that she be called a flight attendant.”

Circa — About, around. “The children enjoyed seeing the photographs of their grandparents taken circa 1940.”

Incense — The perfume or the smoke exhaled from spices and gums when burned. “The incense filled the church with a sweet fragrance.”

Quiver — A case for carrying arrows. “The bowman slung his quiver over his shoulder and set out in search of deer.”

Disembark — Go ashore out of a ship or boat; leave a ship. “‘Please hold the railing as you disembark,’ Simi cautioned the passengers.”

Prodigal — Given to reckless extravagance. “Victor has written a memoir of his prodigal youth in Europe.”

Cavalry — The component of an army that maneuvers and fights on horseback. “The cavalry played a vital role in protecting settlers during America’s westward expansion.”

Pageant — An elaborate usually open-air exhibition or spectacle. “Arthur played Abraham Lincoln in the school pageant.”

Adjacent — Living nearby or sitting or standing relatively near or close together. “Citizens of Centerville and its adjacent communities banded together to form a volunteer fire department.”

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