The 43rd annual Douglas County Spelling Bee has been canceled.

This is the final list of words that were to be used in the spelling bee. The weekly word lists can also be accessed online at by entering “Spelling Bee” into the search field.

The county spelling bee coordinator may be contacted at Questions regarding the weekly word lists may be addressed to or to The News-Review at 541-229-4328.


Bureaucrat — A member of the whole body of nonelective government officials. “Alexis spent 20 minutes trying to convince a bureaucrat that she really was seeking employment.”

Refectory — A dining hall in a monastery, convent, or religious college. “Brother Neil returned to the refectory for dinner.”

Doleful — Attended with or indicating grief or a morose or despairing attitude: cheerless. “Martha had a doleful look on her face as she gazed out the window at the rain.”

Aromatic — Having a distinctive pleasing odor; fragrant. “Sheila often burned aromatic candles during dinner.”

Magnesium — A silver-white light malleable ductile bivalent metallic element that occurs abundantly in nature. “Because of its low density, magnesium has found extensive use in the aerospace industry.”

Heliotrope — A stone consisting of a green translucent mineral sprinkled with red spots. “Heliotrope has the same physical properties as quartz.”

Guitar — A flat-bodied stringed instrument with a long fretted neck and usually six strings plucked with a pick or with the fingers. “For his 15th birthday, Brett’s parents bought him an acoustic guitar.”

Collation — The act of assembling the pages of a book in final order. “Mr. Jackson prides himself on performing every stage of the bookmaking process, including collation, by hand.”

Emphasize — Give stress to or place stress upon. “Bold-faced type is sometimes used to emphasize important concepts.”

Quirt — A riding whip with a short handle and a rawhide lash. “Eager to get home, Juanita urged her pony on by using the quirt.”

Cockatoo — Any of numerous large noisy chiefly Australasian parrots that are often kept as cage birds. “To her neighbor’s torment, Reba often places her noisy cockatoo on the fire escape.”

Correspondence — The letters by which persons communicate with each other. “Looking for information, the biographer combed his subject’s correspondence.”

Opaleye — A small green shorefish of the California coast that feeds chiefly on seaweeds and is a minor food fish. “The opaleye has a small mouth and a strong tail fin.”

Subsidize — Aid or promote (as private enterprise) with public money. “The fact that taxpayers subsidize some tobacco growers continues to irritate many nonsmokers.”

Immune — Protected, guarded. “Wearing her heavy parka made Judith immune to the cold wind.”

Interpret — Explain or tell the meaning of; translate into intelligible or familiar language or terms. “Shareen asked the psychiatrist to interpret her dream.”

Superstitious — Having a belief, conception, act, or practice resulting from ignorance, unreasoning fear of the unknown, or a false conception of causation. “Larry was never superstitious until he broke his leg Friday, November 13th.

Subsequent — Following in time; coming or being later than something else. “The earthquake and subsequent aftershocks devastated the city.”

Prefabricate — Make, shape, or prepare all or most of the parts (as of a house) at a factory so that construction consist mainly of assembling and uniting standardized parts. “The contractor explained that glaziers will prefabricate the new windows at the factory.”

Petrel — Any of various small to medium-sized long-winged birds that fly far from land, feed on small surface-swimming creatures, and nest in burrows and crevices in rocks and cliffs usually on islands. “Monty painted a fine watercolor of a stormy petrel.”

Morganite — A rose-colored gem variety of beryl. “Morganite was a popular stone in Victorian jewelry.”

Projectile — A self-propelling weapon (as a rocket, torpedo, or guided missile). “The sensing device will detect any projectile larger than a football.”

Muskmelon — The usually sweet odorous edible melon that is the fruit of a trailing or climbing Asiatic herbaceous vine. “The muskmelon was one of the foods that Columbus introduced to the New World.”

Variegated — Marked with different colors or units in spots, streaks, or stripes. “A shady corner of the garden was brightened by a clump of variegated coleus plants.”

Avionics — Electrical and electronic devices for use in aviation, especially electronic control systems for aircraft and airborne weapons “The bulk of the firm’s revenues came from the sale of avionics to the government.”

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