One of my favorite questions from patrons is “I need a book to help me study for the (GED test, Postal Worker Exam, nursing boards …)” because Roseburg Public Library has access to LearningExpress Library.

LearningExpress Library is an online tool that provides students, teachers and lifelong learners with more than 1,300 career-building and test-taking resources. It is provided by the State Library of Oregon with funding from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act Grants to State Program.

Patrons who are in the library building do not need a library card to access the resource. You may connect with your laptop or other electronic device, such as a tablet, or use one of the library’s computers and go to our website at Scroll down the page and click on the navy blue icon labeled “LearningExpress Library.”

To access the site when you’re not at the library, you will need a Roseburg Public Library card; follow the instructions noted above, and enter your library card number when prompted. All patrons will need to create a LearningExpress Library account once you are on that website.

The resource allows you to search by keyword, but it also provides broad topics for browsing. For example, the High School Equivalency Center includes a link for preparing for the GED. Within that section are practice tests, tutorials, ebooks and flashcards. The tests can be completed online or printed; books can be downloaded; and flashcards and tutorials are available online.

Roseburg Public Library currently has a limited number of physical GED books that can be checked out; LearningExpress Library provides 24/7 access to more than a dozen GED-specific materials with no limit on the number of patrons who can use a particular resource at one time.

The Computer Skills Center is amazing because it includes video tutorials from a Microsoft Certified Trainer. And many of the trainings are extensive; Microsoft Excel 2016 includes three courses (basic, intermediate and advanced) that take more than 14 hours to complete.

Spanish speakers have access to a number of resources, as well, including GED prep and English vocabulary and reading comprehension electronic books.

Students from elementary through high school have materials designed just for them, from math practice tests to grammar guides and an essay-writing book to biology skills information.

High school students also have access to ACT and SAT prep material and Advanced Placement practice tests in 12 subjects.

Don’t hesitate to call, email or stop in for more information. Whether you’re preparing for a professional exam, learning about interviewing with confidence or developing your vocabulary, LearningExpress Library is the place to go, and we’re here to help you learn more about it. See you at the library!

Kris Wiley is the director of the Roseburg Public Library. She can be reached at 541-492-7051 or

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