Pass on Disneyland — stay in an actual castle. You can get a room or even rent the whole thing and have it fully catered. Set on 15 acres, this 1841 gem in Northern England starts at $149 per night.

January is a popular time to start filling up those new, clean calendars. As families look at the approaching spring break, holiday weekends and summer vacation, now is the time to start reserving campsites, hotels and rental homes.

Over the past few years (although it just had it’s 10-year birthday), Airbnb climbed its way up to becoming a way of travel for everyone and anyone — not just the risk-takers and adventurists.

Families are using Airbnb, saving a bunch of money and making hotels armor up in full competition mode — guests can rent an entire house for the price of many hotel rooms.

What is Airbnb? Airbnb started in California in 2008 as an online marketplace and hospitality service for people to lease or rent accommodations short term. This includes vacation rentals, apartment rentals, homestays, hostel beds or hotel rooms. The company acts as a mediator between both parties and receives a percentage service fee.

According to, Airbnb has already served more than 200 million travelers in more than 65,000 cities around the world and supplies more than 3 million listings.

Those listings vary from a shared room or private room (some shared space) to a private home (or an entire island or castle). Many travelers enjoy the option of having an in-house host (a great way to make new friends), while others prefer to be alone. Both options are available.

Airbnb prides itself on bring a trustworthy and safe company with its many checks and balances. The company assess reservations for risks, monitors watchlists, conducts background checks, and features a secure online payment system and a secure messaging system that allows the traveler and host to connect. Many travelers are most comforted by the many reviews a lot of the properties have.

The company also recently launched “experiences,” where visitors can book excursions or activities that are designed and led by locals.

All-in-all, Airbnb can provide a unique trip for you and your family.

For Oregon, rentals run all the way down the coastline, I-5 corridor, Cascade Mountains, and are scattered around Crater Lake, and the midsection and eastern side of the state. There are options pretty much everywhere.

Here are just a few family-friendly and unique options that are a short drive from Roseburg. Create fun memories and save a few bucks.

Find many more at

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