As we all know, babies don’t come with instructions. For support, we often rely on self-help books, family members, friends, health care providers and anyone else who knows a thing or two about diapers, bottles and infant safety.

I have been facilitating community parenting classes for over 10 years now, including the Baby 101 Workshop offered through Take Root Parenting Connection, a program of Douglas Education Service District.

The first of these workshops is coming up on Jan. 17, and I encourage parents-to-be and those with infants to attend and learn some great tips and information about how to best care for babies.

I myself have two grown children and seven beautiful grandchildren. I am certified to teach Nurturing Parenting, Make Parenting A Pleasure and the Baby 101 Workshop, having started the Baby 101 class at Mercy Medical Center several years ago with the backing and assistance of Take Root Parenting Connection.

The idea behind Baby 101 started when regional program coordinator Julie Hurley and early learning specialist Susan Stiles-Sumstine and myself were discussing what kind of classes the community could benefit from. At the time, there was little information available for parents on what to do once you take your newborn baby home.

We wanted to change that.

The class gives prenatal women and their partners a chance to learn more about their child before the child is even born. The class also includes a registered nurse, who is there to answer any medical questions parents might have.

The workshop covers information about infant brain development, bonding attachment, breast-feeding, developmental milestones and infant safety, just to name a few topics. I also offer resources and referrals per each family’s needs. Parents will receive a cute little onesie for their baby, a book and handouts pertaining to questions and information a parent may enjoy.

Through Baby 101, our goal is to help keep life with baby running smoothly. All parents and caregivers who interact with infants and children up to 5 years old are invited to participate in this free workshop. It is scheduled from 6-8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 17, at Mercy Medical Center. To register, please call 541-440-4668.

Lisa Austin is the Healthy Families lead family support specialist for the United Community Action Network.

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