This is the first time as a nation we have dealt with a crisis of this magnitude without an end in sight. I’m scared, and that’s a bold statement for someone who feels like she’s got to be the rock of the family when a deadly pandemic is sweeping our nation and world.

I work in my local emergency room and I won’t pretend when this all started, I didn’t entertain the corona jokes. What’s another flu anyway, right?


I don’t beat myself up for being uneducated about something I would have loved to believe was just another seasonal cold, but as I walk into another patient’s room with my paper thin mask, I can’t help but catch myself wishing I was wearing a hazmat suit and walking out wishing I had some top of the line body scrub.

COVID-19 came with no warning. Schools shut down and our nonessential businesses are all sitting in the waiting pool leaving us all to wonder... what now?

Whether you’re the ER doctor, the 80-year-old with COPD, the 20-year-old gym rat dramatically unmarked by fear or just a normal mom trying to convince your kids why staying home for months isn’t boring, I think the truth of the matter is relatively straight forward: we should all be doing the same thing right now.

  1. Staying home. I get asked at least once a day if we should actually stay home. Kate Brown made it clear. Depending on who you are, you’ll use your best judgement. I’ve noticed an extreme amount of cooperation from the community this past week. The memes all say it. The sooner we cooperate, the sooner we can get this over with. You may be a healthy adolescent with nothing to lose, but not everyone can say that. There are people in our community on their knees praying this virus doesn’t hit their father’s nursing home or that their grandma doesn’t shop at the same grocery store as the next person who gets it and pleading with those who aren’t listening to temporarily put life on hold for the sake of the ones they love.
  2. Supporting our local businesses. This one is so near and dear to my heart. I read a post about a son pleading for people to buy from his dad’s local pizza place, a barber shop thanking everyone for the support as they close their doors and every local restaurant learning how to be strictly car side to go. These businesses are ran by our neighbors, our uncles, our best friends’ parents, our church members, all of our very own. They make up what makes this place home. Our local businesses deserve our support, now more than ever.
  3. Washing our hands. This one is self explanatory and if you didn’t learn it in kindergarten, I’m here to remind you: twenty seconds is the magic number.
  4. Appreciating the extra time with family. I love my job so much, but I can’t say I ever mentally prepared to change my clothes outside my house before I walked inside just to protect my family. I can’t say when I leave for another 12 hours I’m not a little jealous of the people who landed in the group that is getting extra time with their loved ones right now. If you are getting time with your family, just appreciate it. With or without this virus, we all know time is of the essence and there is never enough of it. For the first time ever, you have the time.
  5. Look on the bright side. This pandemic is dark, but I have to believe finding rays of light in the darkness will be what gets us through this. For some, the light is the extra time they are getting with their kids. For others, it’s the masks they get to sew for the nation wide shortage of medical supplies. Some are front lining as doctors, nurses, paramedics and techs. Maybe your light is simply just staying home to stop the spread, to save the life of a person you have never met. Whatever it is, we’re all playing a key part.

There is still no end in sight, still no magic cure and people are still going to bed tonight wondering when this new normal will finally rest it’s gruesome head. Our community has been shaken before — to no avail, we came together every time.

I have no doubt if this virus takes its toll, we will find solace in the fact that no matter what our views are on this pandemic, our community has proven yet again, we’re in this together.

Sarah Guthrie of Rosburg is a mom of three. She works in the local emergency room, but is most passionate about her family.

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Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Why does mainstream media consistently omit so much of what can be done to fight viruses like SARS-CoV-2? It is because they serve their Pharma advertising customers and dare not help educate the masses to stay healthy lest that ruin the hugely profitable big businesses of sickening and drugging the American people.

Trump's comments about hydroxychloroquine possibly being useful against the virus made national news. But nothing was said about how many of the doctors prescribing it also prescribe zinc supplements at the same time or why that is important. Look up Dr. Zelenko in New York City to see that he prescribes very high dosage zinc supplements along with the chloroquine for his COVID-19 patients.

Studies in recent years show that chloroquine pushes zinc into cells. This is called the zinc ionophore effect. It can't do this well if people are zinc deficient as so many (probably most Americans) are.

Why does zinc inside of cells matter? Because other studies show it slows or shuts down initial stages of viral replication.

People eating the common diet of the US, the Suicidal American Diet, sicken themselves on nutrient-depleted garbage like fast food, conventionally grown grains, grain-fed beef, etc.

This food is sorely lacking in needed micronutrients such as zinc and often comes loaded with toxins that use up the little nutrition so many Americans get from their poor diets.

It is this way for many reasons that should be obvious to anybody paying attention to the defective American agricultural system. Soils are rapaciously farmed using industrial methods that fail to restore mineral content and systematically kill the soil life that plants need to access what few minerals remain in that wrecked soil.

Roundup and glyphosate (an ingredient in Roundup) are antibiotics that kill soil life and chelators that tightly bind minerals so that most bacteria and plants cannot access them. Look up the work of soil scientist Don Huber, he has done many talks about the science of how glyphosate wrecks soils and crops and the health of animals and people that eat those crops.

Plants grown in environments contaminated with these chemicals cannot grow to their full potential and offer their full nutritional level to either livestock or people. Lacking in minerals they cannot make their usual anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds, compounds that would have benefited the animals and people eating them and helped protect them against diseases and infections.

Eating organic food should help a lot because it lowers the load of glyphosate antibiotic/chelator chemicals and leaves more minerals available.

One easy step you can take right away is to supplement with multivitamins and multiminerals that contain zinc.

Spend some of your time stuck at home in this crisis learning about food and nutrition.

Look up Weston Price Foundation and its free "Nourishing Traditions" video (you can find it on YouTube, assuming it hasn't been censored recently by that increasingly fascist anti-health platform) that shows what a huge difference food can make to health and how this has been known for almost a century.

Watch that video carefully, and pay attention to the pictures of people eating "modern" foods that a century ago were not even as bad as the toxic garbage people eat now yet they were already in poor health versus those who ate the way their ancestors ate.

Learn amazing things like how these people eating properly prepared foods the way their healthy ancestors did barely even had any dental cavities and also suffered much less sickness and disease.

This is all science-based information based upon research done by a top scientist of first half of the 20th century.

It is not some quack nonsense like the fake science peddled by Pharma companies than run fake studies and buy the complicity of fake scientists and fake doctors to get FDA approval to sell their lastest and greatest deadly drug scams such as Vioxx, Bextra, Premarin, and on and on.

These scams have profitably killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, yet the average American still does not comprehend how their medical care is run for the benefit of big business, not for their own health.

Unless you are growing your own food carefully or buying organic food (or biodynamic food which is even better than organic) and/or supplementing heavily, you do not stand much of a chance of getting adequate nutrition in tyrannical America.

Fascist leaders like Bushes, Clintons, and Obama sold the American people out to the drug and chemical companies that dupe people into thinking they actually need all of those prescription drugs to stay healthy and buy government approval to regard GMO crops and the deadly chemical sprays sold for them as "safe".

None of the Pharma stooges in the news all the time these days will dare tell you that nutrition counts or that so many of their drugs are synthetic versions of plant chemical compounds that were tweaked so they could be patented and sold at huge markup. The original compounds worked fine and often when used as a whole plant had superior effectiveness and safety, such as far fewer "side effects".

Nor will they tell you that prescription drugs heavily tax detoxification systems such as the liver and kidney and thereby use up already scarce stores of nutrients, pushing already malnourished Americans who are unwise enough to be using many Pharma drugs to become even more malnourished and prone to disease.

Malnourished people are easy targets for SARS-CoV-2. Malnourished people are the ones who are dying from this virus. They are the ones who suffer from type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, and other diseases that come largely from malnutrition and toxin overload.

Nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and zinc would be a huge help to most of these people.

But the medical mafia will not tell them this. Healthy people are not profitable customers. Healthy Pharma companies need sickly Americans to profitably victimize. They regard sickly malnourished Americans as necessary to the health of their businesses, the same way drug cartels view drug addicts as necessary to their financial health.

COVID-19 is going to kill a lot of malnourished Americans, but few if any of those who spent the time and effort to learn about food and nutrition and seriously apply that information to benefit their own families and themselves.

Help make the American people stronger, and help yourself and your loved ones get through this virus crisis without deaths in your families. Focus some time and effort on learning about food and nutrition and making improvements that can work wonders and will keep you healthy in ways that no drugs or vaccines ever could.


And now it's time to add another item on the to do list: wear a mask when in public. The mask is for the protection of people around you; if you are among people without masks, they may kill you or someone you love. It's crazy that the CDC is recommending masks, and that our nominal president declines – – but it's completely within his character, not to care about anyone else. Once again, wear a simple cloth mask, maybe with a layer of paper towel between two cotton layers, easily constructed from a handkerchief and a piece of paper towel, and wear this any time that you are out in public: it's for the people around you. If you care.


Sarah Guthrie and other healthcare workers like her who are risking their lives and the lives of their families by working on the front line for our community are truly heros. That said, I feel it necessary to correct the following facts stated in this article:

1. “This is the first time as a nation we have dealt with a crisis of this magnitude.” This may be the first time for our generation, but it is not the first time as a nation. The 1918 flue infected 28% of all Americans, killing an estimated 675,000, ten times as many as in the world war.

2. “COVID-19 came with no warning.” The U.S. had months to prepare for COVID-19. China experienced their first case on December 1 but didn’t know what it was. China’s case count rose to 6 before they named it coronavirus on December 14. China’s case count then rose to 59 on January 9 when they experienced their first death. The U.S. didn’t experience its first case until January 21. China’s case count on that day was 555 with 17 deaths. The U.S. case count rose to 60 on February 28 when the first U.S. death was confirmed. China’s case count on that day was over 79,000 with over 2,800 deaths. To claim COVID-19 came with no warning is factually incorrect.


Mike, you're absolutely right. The warnings were quite clear in earlier epidemics, including other SARS viruses, in writings of experts, and epidemiologic studies and centers, including the center in Wuhan, China from which we withdrew in September 2019. Honestly, the line about no warning rates on equal scale with "nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition."

WE agree, there is no excuse. Like millions across the nation we stay at home and check the news wondering when it will end. Our loved ones are in the midst of it without proper gear as are some of our neighbors. We wait for their safe return and worry what will happen.

Our national healthcare system is broke, our federal government is incredibly dysfunctional, and we are all paying the price of a President who exhibits bizarre behavior and seems more interested in the next election and opening the country in the middle of a national pandemic than facing reality.

Our federal government sent Oregon dry rotted useless masks from the National Stockpile. Nationwide our medical providers are without proper equipment and many are getting coronavirus, some are dying. They account for nearly 10% of national hospitalizations. There are around 400,000 who have tested positive for Coronavirus in the USA today, nearly 13,000 people have died. Our national death toll for just today is over 1800 and is the highest rate in the world for a single nation.

The rapid test isn't going to save us, they can't even manufacture and ship out enough machines or tubes for the test, and it does one test at a time. Our county should have been testing at least a million people a day weeks ago. People entering our Country aren’t tested.

Having the states bid against each other and FEMA is just asking for a worst case scenario, medical supplies for the states should be purchased together so everyone gets what they need. Our country should have had a decent stockpile of useable PPE and ventilators.

America should make its own medical gear from now on and make its own medicines. We have no tests when we need them or a vaccine when our President was warned Coronavirus was coming. Jarod and Ivanka shouldn’t be in charge of anything either, neither has the credentials and it stinks of nepotism. Belittling governors in a time of crisis is despicable.

Remember how your life changed from Coronavirus come election time.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Remember how the Democrats and at least some of their presidential candidates accused the current administration of racism for putting in travel restrictions. Joe Biden was actively against travel restrictions until long after Trump put them in place. Trump did not act fast enough, the travel restrictions involving China should have been put into place in January. But if Joe Biden had been in office, based upon his own statements, they would have been put in place many weeks after what Trump did.

According to Dr. Francis Boyle, a bioweapons expert instrumental in creating bioweapons laws, Obama's administration allowed University of North Carolina to provide the viral engineering technology used to create SARS-CoV-2 with its HIV-1 genetic features. The bioweapons genetic engineering work they were doing was illegal and the technology should not have been transferred to another nations, especially not China that has a government and military that has expressed many times it wants to destroy the US.

According to many sources, Obama's administration failed to replenish the national stockpile of N95 masks after the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak.

The CDC is full of corrupt bureaucrats who hate Trump much like many other government agencies do. They would gladly see thousands (millions?) of people die so their deaths can be used for political gain for their favored system of government which seems to be a combination of the worst aspects of fascism and communism combined with technology to ensure total control. Kind of like 1984 meets Brave New World run by the people of their choice.

The CDC bungled all of the testing for SARS-CoV-2 and delayed widespread testing for MONTHS because of bad decisions they made all the while they were advising against travel restrictions.

Or were they good decisions in their view, designed to allow the disease to spread to achieve their own goals of political change and increasing tyrannical control of the masses and profits for the corporations?

Look at how treatment methods that have good evidence for working and are inexpensive and could be widely applied are being suppressed. Take for instance ozone therapy, it has already been shown to work against deadly viruses (e.g. Ebola and others) with vulnerable structural features shared with SARS-CoV-2. You can read more about it here.

So why is ozone therapy not being widely used against SARS-CoV-2? Because it is cheap, can't be patented, and doesn't make powerful corporations and their servants more powerful and rich. The psychopaths who run the systems believe it is better to let millions die than to risk the masses figure out that often the solutions are inexpensive and safe.

The national healthcare system works very well for the people who control it. They want you to be sick so you will buy their drugs and services and make them wealthy. People have to die for you to be scared enough to buy lots of drugs and services and panic and not think straight so you will not wake up and realize that the US is a corporate oligarchy run by evil people and the whole Democrat vs. Republican nonsense is a scam designed to fool you into thinking you actually have a good choice between those two. But in fact most all of the candidates run by either of those corrupt parties are going to serve the corporate oligarchy first, and what they will be serving them are your enslaved, broken, and dead bodies.

The few candidates who do not serve this systems are actively worked against by the big players in both parties and throughout the government and the corporations that control the government. The system does not want these people to ever get to the top of the government, but if they do, the corporate deep state has plenty of ways to mess with them and prevent them from accomplishing much.

The problem goes way deeper than who is President at the moment. The whole system is corrupt and has been a very long time, and the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas before Trump were all part of this corrupt system, sold out the American people to the oligarchs, and benefited from their evil actions with power and profit of their own.

Instead of "orange mad bad" thinking, realize it is the whole system that actively wants to control and exploit you for its own power and profit. Scaring you into submission is just one technique it does it, and there are many flavors of that technique such as pandemics, wars, and terrorism.

The risk of economic collapse is extreme, probably a bigger risk than the virus itself. Most everybody is freaked out with deaths climbing past the 10,000+ range, but even without this virus, around 8000 people die each day in the US in a typical recent year. Even without this virus, roughly 1% of the US population would die this year.

Of the 2% of the population that might be said to have died from this virus, many (most?) of them would have died this year or next anyway from their poor health.

But the economic collapse that is happening is resulting in "bail outs" that give control of ever more of the US economy to ever more powerful corporations and their owners. And you the taxpayer will be footing the bill for that, and you and your children and your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be paying for it if the US survives the economic collapse. Which it may not. And in that case, things may be even worse than if it does somehow manage to survive.

You want to break out of this cycle of destruction or even just survive it, figure out how to solve the problems for yourself and your family and community without depending upon them.

For example, grow medicinal plants that are scientifically shown to produce anti-virals active against SARS-CoV family viruses. Chinese skullcap and licorice root are two of them that will grow in Oregon. There are many others.

Grow some of your own food in your own yard. Don't have a yard, use container planting (even 5 gallon buckets with some holes drilled in them filled with some good soil can grow a lot) and get access to some land you can use to grow food. There is a lot of land used very poorly all over Oregon, for instance people's front yards with resource-consuming lawns they fertilize, herbicide treat, and mow that produce nothing useful unless you count environmental destruction and wasting of oil resources as useful. Rip it up, plant a garden, help improve the food security of your area before things get really bad and you may have hungry people rioting or breaking into your home to get what little food you have left.

This is not a new situation. It just seems new to protected brainwashed Americans who have not really had anything dire happen to them in almost a century. The rest of the world suffered far more in World War 2 than the US, they saw starvation, economic devastation, and and mass killings in their homelands while Americans did not have that happening in their homeland.

Go on the web and search for Chris Duane's video series "The Sons of Liberty Academy" and start watching it. It will help you understand just how deep the problems are and how it cannot be fixed by changing the person at the top of the US government when usually that person is a total puppet and even if that's sometimes not so, the rest of the government is filled with puppets controlled by corporations pulling their strings.

Some links to get you started:

Investing some time watching videos like these is worthwhile, especially while you are locked up in your home with the big bad government and its corporate controllers wanting to keep you there for at least weeks more. it will wake you up to how messed up the system is far beyond anything you probably imagined if you are not already an expert at history,psychology, and science.

The person who made these videos, Chris Duane, initially sold access to them but opened it up to be free because he wanted people to wake up and make the world a better place for all. He believed the current system would collapse and for any good to come out of that, it would require a lot of people to be awake and aware of what is wrong with the current system and how it could be made better.

Not saying he has all the answers, but that content will help you understand the stale political Democrat vs. Republican drama is never going to fix the mess.

Another group of people that have a lot of good thinking and answers and largely stay out of politics are those practicing permaculture. A big part of the thinking here is turning problems into solutions, instead of just whining about the problems and how ever more money or laws or regulations or tyranny is needed to fix the problem.

An introductory interview on permaculture with an Oregon author of a top-selling book on permaculture gardening is here:

Permaculture goes way beyond gardening, it is really systems engineering for building a resilient sustainable society with regenerative agricultural to heal ecosystems while providing food and economic well-being for people being a key piece. Permaculture style gardening is how many people are introduced to it.


You should have submitted this to the News Review as a letter to the editor. It is so true and would have generated a lot of discussion.


U.S. ‘wasted’ months before preparing for virus pandemic, review shows.

Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

Mike, the US has been preparing for this pandemic for more than a decade. It just regards preparation for a pandemic to mean something very different than the typical American thinks it means.

It has prepared by sickening its population with malnutrition and drug addictions and by running pandemic simulations such as Event 201 in October 2019, a BIll Gates sponsored simulation of a pandemic much like this one..

It prepared like this to help it understand how to dupe and milk the masses for maximum profit and power while killing off enough people to create maximum fear and maximum cooperation to drive home further initiatives such as escalation of the hugely profitable forced vaccination programs, elimination of cash so people who have issues with the government and industry (e.g. who respect the US Constitution as being more important than toilet paper) can be further marginalized, increased compliance with surveillance and restrictions on personal freedoms, and so forth.

COVID-19 is like a next-generation 9/11 effort. PNAC (Project for a New American Century) said before 9/11 that a new Pearl Harbor would be needed to get the American people to go along with their plans. Those PNAC scum are still around and are still powerful.

Taking down a few buildings and killing a few thousand Americans was enough to get most Americans to buy into the security theater like body scanners, NSA surveillance of their emails and phone calls, and so forth. The people do not understand that the foremost sponsor of terrorism in the US is the FBI which recruits terrorists, puts ideas into their heads, and arms them with knowledge, plans, and equipment to carry out "attacks" so they can be arrested and justify ever increasing FBI budgets and tyranny over the populace.

What will killing tens or hundreds of thousands of Americans with pandemic managed to maximize fear and even terror accomplish? Bet they are salivating at those prospects.

The government is controlled by the Pharma industry and other large corporate interests. It does not operate for the benefit of the people. It operates for the benefit of the corporations.

Pharma does not profit from healthy people. It needs a sick population, with their bodies and brains damaged by malnutrition, toxins, and drugs, to gain maximum profit and power.

Preparation to ensure health against a disease like this goes way deeper than buying and stockpiling masks and ventilators and enforcing travel restrictions and quarantines.

Many viruses jump species. That is especially common with influenza. Even wild migratory birds can spread that. Just a quick search will start turning up studies like this one:

"Wild birds are the major reservoir hosts for influenza A viruses (AIVs) and have been implicated in the emergence of pandemic events in livestock and human populations. Understanding how AIVs spread within and across continents is therefore critical to the development of successful strategies to manage and reduce the impact of influenza outbreaks. In North America many bird species undergo seasonal migratory movements along a North-South axis, thereby providing opportunities for viruses to spread over long distances."

So what are you going to do, quarantine the birds? Since they respect no human laws, kill them all?

Real preparation for pandemics has to include educating people to take care of their own health with healthy food, healthy preparation of that food, and supplements to make up the gaps and to help in a crisis.

It also has to include local food supplies and people growing a significant portion of their own food and preparing for crises such as war and pandemics.

So much of the food in the US comes from California. Shut down the migrant labor and transportation systems and much of the population can be starved into compliance while blaming it on the virus.

Already we hear stories from the eastern half of the US about food shortages combined with insane actions like the government paying farmers to destroy their milk production to support milk prices.

People in Oregon need to be starting gardens and getting chickens to help get through how bad this crisis is likely to get. Even people in cities like Roseburg, or even Portland, could be doing this if the local governments do not get in the way. The more capable with some land for grazing should be raising their own dairy cows or other dairy animals.

The virus is being used as a tool to deceive and exploit, but the problems go much deeper than just this one virus.

A well-nourished population familiar with the use of plant-based medicines does not need huge quantities of expensive Pharma drugs and huge numbers of hospital beds regardless of whether the pandemic of the moment is a coronavirus or an influenza virus or something else.

You mention the Spanish flu. Look up how the native American populations who used lomatium root had little to no mortality from that while others were dropping dead all over. It is a strong anti-viral herb and has been known for at least hundreds of years.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) used to be practiced in China and includes extensive knowledge of fighting viruses with herbs such as Chinese skullcap and licorice root. Scientific studies back up how these things work, it is not just folklore.

But China's government has sold out its population, too, and now behaves like the US government does with regards to poor nutrition and increasing reliance on profitable drugs.

They have probably also taken advantage of this crisis to kill off "undesireables" such as protestors against the CCP in China and Hong Kong. Will that happen in Western nations, too?

Taiwan has managed to keep a lot more of China's traditional culture, and just look at how well they have managed to cope with COVID-19. They have probably done a better job of it than any other nation on the planet, especially considering how much exposure Taiwan has to diseases spreading in China.


"This is the first time as a nation we have dealt with a crisis of this magnitude without an end in sight." Not really. Influenza pandemic of 1918, for example. Smallpox, yellow fever, malaria, diphtheria, to name a few others. The 1721 epidemic of smallpox (admittedly, before we were a nation) killed almost 8% of the population. Translated to today's population, say 24 million deaths in the U.S.--20 to 200x the kind of deaths we expect from the current popular virus.

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