Kale dip is a healthy sidekick to veggies and crackers.

We’re excited to celebrate 10 years of Oregon State University’s Food Hero Campaign this month!

Food Hero offers healthy, low-cost recipes — almost 95% of which contain fruits or vegetables — and builds cooking and meal-planning skills, helping families boost their fruit and vegetable consumption.

Each year, Food Hero reaches millions of people in all counties of Oregon, 43 other states and 198 countries. In addition, hundreds of Food Hero partnerships, developed over the last decade throughout Oregon and the United States, are increasing fruit and vegetable intake.

September is Food Hero’s 10th birthday, so let’s celebrate these achievements the healthy way! There are many ways to host healthy celebrations at home, school, work or really anywhere. Here are a few fun ideas to try during your next celebration.

  • Try cutting fruits and veggies in fun shapes and sizes. Make a tasty fruit or veggie dip, such as Food Hero’s Kale Dip.
  • Have fun making “Food Heroes” from a variety of healthy foods (i.e. pretzel sticks for arms, a cherry tomato for a head, celery for a body, etc.). Let kids choose their hero’s superpower!

Healthy celebrations can include non-food activities too.

  • Try dancing to a favorite song or spending time with family and friends.
  • Enjoy a leisurely walk as a family or do a craft together.
  • Draw or color together. Check out Food Hero’s kids section to print the “Celebrate” coloring sheet.

For more healthy celebrations ideas and recipes, check out Food Hero’s Healthy and Fun Celebrations Monthly. Learn more about how Food Hero continues to work for Oregon in the most recent annual update!

For more questions about FoodHero.org contact Mandy Hatfield is the Nutrition Education Program Instructor for OSU Extension Service of Douglas County. Hatfield can be reached by e-mail mandy.hatfield@oregonstate.edu or phone at 541-672-4461.

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