Editor’s note: Zoey is 10 years old and a fifth-grader at Sunnyslope Elementary.

I made people at my mom’s work shoarma burritos and asked people what they thought of it.

They said they liked all the mixed things, like the soft meat and all the spices.

It was described as “life changing,” “messy” and “excellent.”

They liked all the flavors together; the fresh lettuce and tomatoes, spicy meat and garlic sauce.

If they could rate it, it would be pretty high.

In my own opinion, some bites are spicy and some just have a little spice.

Mom’s notes

Zoey made adjustments to my original Shoarma recipe to put her own twist on a Middle Eastern classic, and submitted it to the future chefs competition.

Unfortunately, her recipe was not selected as a finalist, but she was eager to cook for a room full of strangers and came to feed the newsroom on a Saturday afternoon.

Because of our Dutch heritage we spell it Shoarma, but it can also be spelled Shawarma or Shwarma. Either way, it’ll taste great.

Side note for getting the kids in the kitchen: this is the food Tony Stark, a.k.a. IronMan, eats after The Avengers battle in New York.

The recipe is traditionally Turkish, where a mix of lamb, beef, pork, turkey and veal are placed on a spit and grilled.

Our kitchen is not large enough for a giant spit of meat, so we usually buy a 2-pound pork roast and cut it into strips. This will also help it cook faster.

It takes Zoey nearly an hour to make this, but it takes a more seasoned cook about 30 minutes to put everything together.

The recipe has a lot of ingredients, but is very easy to cook.

It’s a great go-to recipe for teaching kids math and reading in a real-world environment, and the end result tastes great.

Zoey’s mom is News-Review sports reporter Sanne Godfrey. She can be reached at 541-957-4203.

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Sanne Godfrey is the education reporter for The News-Review.

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