I’ll be honest, thankful and 2020 are two words I would never consciously put together. This year has made me tired in ways I never thought I would be.

I’m tired of the media, the masks, the change, the mandates, the distance learning, the negativity and just the unknown of when things will finally be normal again. With that being said, I think I wasted a little too much time complaining and not enough time being thankful for what 2020 did give me.

As mothers, I feel like we hold ourselves to this insanely unreachable standard of being a emotionally stable full time moms with full time jobs, a clean house, healthy meals for the entire family, a social life that doesn’t make us feel like we are the worst moms ever for wanting a minute of adult interaction and maybe a little bit of time to just exist in our home without spending every second cleaning it.

Life as a woman in today’s world is not for the faint of heart. Throw in a career and a couple kids that now have to be schooled from home and you got a mom hustling faster than her feet will go, ultimately leading to her plate overflowing. How in the heck do we stay thankful and not get lost in the 2020 madness?

I find my rawest form of happiness in the mundane. I love making the sandwiches, I love getting five people ready for an event my husband insists we be on time for, I love making breakfast and all the questions that get asked during family dinner. So my false belief that the chaos that comes with being a mom of little kids is somehow rendering me from having this peaceful life is actually pretty bogus.

Because a quiet, clean home pales in comparison to the peace that comes when they hug me throughout the day and when they look for affirmation after they ate all there lunch.

Have you ever actually had the quiet, empty home for weeks on end? It’s not as golden as it sounds folks. Some days, it feels a lot more like madness, but if I put down my phone and look around, it’s actually a lot more like peace. Most days I live for things to go exactly how my small minded brain thinks they should go.

It’s been awhile since things have been normal and my kids are still smiling, so I’m starting to wonder if maybe we should have been taking advice from the kids.

Because even though Manning has to wear a mask, he still gets to play in his soccer games.

Even though Landon has to do school online, he still gets the chance to learn.

2020 has been a whirlwind of unknowns, but I’m going to stop complaining so my kids can know it was a year I enjoyed our memories as much as they did.

Sarah Guthrie is a Roseburg mom of three. She works in the local emergency room, but is most passionate about her family.

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I'm seriously confused here. Is this satire? Everyone already knows that this publication has been a joke for well over a decade, but really has it come to this? Is this really front page first post worthy? This publication has been $hitting on the folks of this county for far to long. Journalists? Laugh!! Keep on reporting your "Mundane" news and ignoring the real topics. Congrats on your paywall, BTW. I think you are by far and large the smallest publication on the planet to request subscription for viewership. "The News Review : Yesterdays News Tomorrow"

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