Over the past year or so, the Instant Pot pressure cooker craze has swept through the United States like freight train. It’s hard to keep up with all of the new and exciting things you can do with this electric pressure cooker. From hardboiled eggs, to cakes, to cooking meat from a frozen state in under 20 minuets, the Instant Pot has become a staple in my household.

While not all electric pressure cookers are created equally, they are all pretty similar. This recipe can be used with pretty much any electric pressure cooker, just check out the manual for the specific brand you have to make sure the cooking time is accurate.

In October, my family made the decision to cleanse our bodies of the toxins that grains, breads and any other complex carbohydrates offer and instead fuel our bodies with healthy fats, non-starchy vegetables and protein. I won’t get too much into this Ketogenic lifestyle, but I will say that in the beginning finding recipes that passed the husband and kid test was certainly a challenge.

This recipe is easy to make and only requires a few ingredients. Usually, I cook dinner while my 8-month-old is in his high chair, feeding himself finger foods while my 6-year-old is at the table doing homework, so I have to work fast while cooking — because that type of calmness does not last long.

This chicken dish is something I made up with the ingredients I had on hand, as most of my concoctions are; Add or take away any of the ingredients to your liking. It’s rich and creamy with plenty of bacon, and the roasted red peppers add just a bit of smokiness. Let your pressure cooker do the work for you!

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Nice to be here all!

I'm convinced that quality recipes get nutrients to the person. The reality is that unhealthy food destroys your body's capability to cure itself. It's always far simpler to shed any weight while your metabolism runs the right way.

You can find a writing on the topic that you must take a look at. shapingrecipes.com/metabolic-cooking . But you may want to give it a shot to find out the outcome yourself.

Shaina Glassman

I don't believe there is ONE right way to eat. What works great for some, may not work for others.

I have tried several different ways to fuel my body. I've found that eating whole foods with a moderate amount of fat and protien has been the most beneficial. Also, sugar and carbohydrates do not give me the sustained energy I require. Glucose burns alit faster than ketones thus, needing more glucose more often. If it's from a potatoe or a french fry, my body processes it the same by turning it into glucose...leaving my uncomfortably full but hungry an hour later.

If your body is in Ketosis, you have switched from using glucose as fuel, to ketones...which burn out alot slower and in return you have a sustained energy.

I had to ask myself...how do I want to fuel my body?

I have never felt so good!

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