Construction is underway to reconstruct and widen a nearly half-mile section of the Riverfront Park multi-use path.

K&B Quality Excavating has until the end of June to finish widening the path from 6.5 feet to 10 feet but Parks and Recreation Program Manager Kris Ammerman said the company is ahead of schedule.

“Widening it to 10 feet allows for much more room for trail users to pass each other which again lends itself to a safer and more comfortable trail experience,” Ammerman said. “We have renovated many other sections of the path system and have widened them all to 10 feet which is our minimum standard per the 2008 Parks Master Plan.”

The city repaved and widened a 1,100-foot section of the trail just to the west in 2017 using grant money. The city also renovated a third stretch of the trail from the YMCA parking lot to the park maintenance shop in 2016.

The City of Roseburg awarded the contract on April 7 to K&B for the reconstruction not to exceed $129,398. THe project includes taking out tree roots, removing several trees and repaving about 2,000 square feet of asphalt.

The total cost of the project will be $158,072, including $37,768 from the city Bike Trail Fund.

The section runs through the disc golf course in the northeast corner of the park.

The project was delayed after the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office was concerned a change in the original realignment plan would disturb culturally-significant Native American sites in the area. The city decided to keep the original plan to avoid additional expenses for further archeological investigations.

Ammerman said the public feedback has been positive so far about the project.

“I have heard nothing but positive comments about the project,” Ammerman said. “People that frequent the trail system have expressed gratitude for the sections that have already been done and are excited that this section is getting its turn. They recognize the improvement that it will be and although there is a temporary inconvenience during construction the finished product will be well worth it.”

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