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A library is like a garden. It inevitably changes over time, adapting to best serve the environment and community in which it resides. But how does a library learn how to best serve its community?

One helpful tool is a Library Use Assessment Survey. A survey provides a way to obtain feedback directly from the community, which is what Roseburg Public Library hopes to achieve.

With a survey, the library will be able to hear not just from its dedicated patrons but from people who typically don’t use the library, as well.

The library aims to receive feedback on a variety of subjects, such as what services patrons enjoy the most, what services they would like to see more of, and how patrons would like to access those services. Questions will include:

  • “What information/programs/services do you want Roseburg Public Library to provide for the community?”
  • “What would you appreciate more help with at the library?”
  • “What do you think the library needs to work on?”

Most of the survey is multiple choice with an option to add written responses. It likely will take five to 10 minutes to complete.

The survey is now live and can be found on the library’s website (www.roseburgpubliclibrary.org) and Facebook page (@roseburglibrary). Physical copies of the survey are available at the library front desk and City Hall lobby.

We are accepting responses until Dec. 13.

The library will utilize feedback as a source of input for a five-year strategic plan, which we expect to complete by August. The strategic plan will provide a long-term framework for the library with overarching goals and specific activities to guide staff and volunteers in their day-to-day operations.

By completing the survey, all community members will have a direct say in how they think the library should grow and change to best serve the Roseburg area and what they think the role of Roseburg Public Library in this community should be.

As the new AmeriCorps participant for Roseburg Public Library, I am leading the efforts on writing the Library Use Assessment Survey and five-year strategic plan. In addition, I am in the process of starting the Maker Space at the library and helping Youth Services Librarian Aurora Oberg with planning and running youth programs. If you are interested in talking with me about the survey, strategic plan, Maker Space, youth programs, AmeriCorps or books, I would be happy to do so; simply ask for me at the front desk or contact me at the information provided.

Katie Fischer is Roseburg Public Library’s RARE AmeriCorps Participant. She may be reached at 541-492-7052 or kfischer@cityofroseburg.org.

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