pizza bread

A family recipe, Pizza Bread, is a good meal to get the family together at the table and enjoy.

Growing up in the Midwest, a hearty meal was pretty common for dinner. Meat, potatoes and corn regularly made their way to the dinner table.

One of my fondest memories is arriving home from school to the smell of pizza bread. I’d walk into the kitchen with a huge smile on my face, checking to make sure I was smelling what I thought I was smelling. The aroma of fresh bread rising with the added aroma of garlic and pepperoni made me giddy.

This meal quickly became one of my favorites and now takes me back to memories of sitting at the table with both my parents and sisters, laughing and talking about our day. Family dinners were very important to my family and have now made their way into my own family.

Although it has taken me 15 years to make this meal for my own family, it is a great reminder of being together. Now a wife and mother of three, I get to enjoy hearing my kids talk about the smell in the house when the pizza bread is baking and the joy on their face when they try it for the first time.

I can’t help but smile for such a simple thing. Family time is precious. I look forward to teaching my kids this simple recipe and hope they take it with them to their future families. They too can be reminded of a simple moment of family together and lovely aromas in the air.

Although pizza bread really isn’t all that magical, when a meal is made special and surrounded with family, it’s a memory that will last. At least it did with me.

Nicole Fultz is a blog writer for Douglas County Family.

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