The News-Review will sponsor the 42nd annual Douglas County Spelling Bee on April 13th.

A set of spelling words will appear on this page every week through March 2nd. The weekly word lists can also be accessed online at by entering “Spelling Bee” into the search field.

The county spelling bee champion will win a trophy and new computer system. Trophies and prizes will also be awarded through fourth place.

All public school, private school and home-schooled students in the fifth through eighth grades are invited to participate. Students wishing to enter elimination rounds in their district must sign up with their school’s spelling bee coordinator. Home-schooled students should contact the home school spelling bee coordinator at 541-679-1251.

The county spelling bee coordinator may be contacted at Questions regarding the weekly word lists may be addressed to or to The News-Review at 541-229-4315.


Sedentary — Characterized by or requiring sitting or slight activity. “Isabelle’s sedentary job provided little opportunity for exercise.”

Immobilize — Interfere with or prevent freedom of movement or effective use of. “The general planned to use his secret weapon to immobilize enemy forces.”

Inertia — Indisposition to motion, exertion or action. “The senator railed against the inertia of the citizenry.”

Awry — Wrong, amiss. “Gayle’s plans for the victory parade went hopelessly awry.”

Recede — Move back or away. “Buck watched the water recede as the tide went out.”

Impetuousness — The quality or state of being impulsively vehement in feeling. “Theo’s youthful frankness and impetuousness were excused by his boss.”

Unregenerate — Obstinate, stubborn. “Orrin’s unregenerate refusal to admit he was wrong angered his wife.”

Impeccable — Free from fault or blame: flawless. “A background investigation affirmed the candidate’s impeccable character.”

Petulant — Characterized by temporary or capricious ill humor: peevish. “Beth’s petulant behavior appalled her cousins.”

Anthography — The description of flowers. “A botanist, Wilbur excelled in anthography.”

Vineyard — A field of grapevines. “While touring a Napa Valley winery, Jamie wandered through the vineyard.”

Oleander — An ornamental evergreen shrub that has narrow leaves and clusters of fragrant white to red flowers. “The sweet aroma of the oleander wafted through the window.”

Coniferous — Bearing cones. “A covering of coniferous trees keeps some mountains green all winter.”

Binary — Consisting of two things or parts. “Hundreds of simple chemicals are binary compounds.”

Silhouette — The outline or a delineation of the outline of a person or thing especially when used as a means of characterizing or identifying. “Trudy thought the silhouette on the window shade looked menacing but familiar.”

Rotundity — Roundness. “When he looked in the fun-house mirror, Chris was astounded by his rotundity.”

Corrugated — Made of material (as metal or paper) with alternating ridges and grooves. “Marilyn packed her dolls into a corrugated cardboard box.”

Emaciated — Made lean by impairment (as from hunger). “The emaciated cat stared at Tina with hollow eyes.”

Capacious — Able to contain a great deal. “Dodie went to the beach carrying a capacious canvas bag.”

Infinitesimal — Immeasurably or incalculably small: very minute. “Infinitesimal yellow flecks on the leaf made it appear metallic.”

Giantesque — Having the characteristics of a giant: immense. “A giantesque Snoopy balloon was the highlight of the parade.”

Tumid — Marked by swelling. “Mark had a badly infected tumid leg.”

Misshapen — Having an ugly or deformed shape. “The misshapen pumpkin made a fierce-looking jack-o’-lantern.”

Parried — Warded off a weapon or blow by means of a defensive action. “Neither fencer scored as they parried for several minutes.”

Surmounted — Stood at the top of: remained on the top of. “A steeple surmounted the church.”

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