The News-Review will sponsor the 42nd annual Douglas County Spelling Bee on Apr. 13 at Hucrest Elementary School, 1810 NW Kline St., Roseburg.

A set of spelling words will appear on this page every week through March 2nd. The weekly word lists can also be accessed online at by entering “Spelling Bee” into the search field.

The county spelling bee champion will win a trophy and new computer system. Trophies and prizes will also be awarded through fourth place.

All public school, private school and home-schooled students in the fifth through eighth grades are invited to participate. Students wishing to enter elimination rounds in their district must sign up with their school’s spelling bee coordinator. Home-schooled students should contact the home school spelling bee coordinator at 541-679-1251.

The county spelling bee coordinator may be contacted at Questions regarding the weekly word lists may be addressed to or to The News-Review at 541-229-4315.


Osteoporosis — A condition characterized by decrease in bone mass with decreased density and enlargement of bone spaces producing porosity and fragility. “Diane’s doctor recommended increasing her calcium intake to prevent osteoporosis.”

Rheumatism — Any of numerous conditions characterized by inflammation or pain in muscles, joints or fibrous tissue. “Shea’s grandfather complained of rheumatism whenever the weather was cold and damp.”

Antarctic — Relating to the south pole or the region near it. “Samuel’s stamp collection included a complete collection of the stamps of the French Antarctic Territory.”

Rubella — An acute contagious disease usually affecting children and young adults and characterized by a red skin eruption, mild symptoms and a short duration: German measles. “Rubella is especially dangerous when contracted by an expectant mother because it can threaten the health of her unborn child.”

Cholesterosis — abnormal deposition of cholesterol in the blood. “Cholesterosis can often be moderated by changes in diet.”

Scarlatina — An acute contagious disease marked by fever. “Diseases such as scarlatina were once the scourge of childhood.”

Fidgeted — Moved uneasily one way and another. “The longer the speech went on, the more Kevin fidgeted.”

Tinctured — Tinted or stained with a color. “Kirsten picked a blossom tinctured with deep blue.”

Carotid — Belonging to or situated near either of the two main arteries that supply blood to the head. “Lara felt her pulse with a finger placed on her carotid artery.”

Ineffable — Incapable of being expressed in words. “Sarena’s joy at being chosen for the play was ineffable.”

Plaintively — In a manner expressive of grief or sadness. “Three-year-old Jamie asked plaintively for his lost teddy bear.”

Sorghum — Syrup produced by evaporating the juice from stems of certain tropical grasses. “Rachel likes sorghum on her oatmeal.”

Myriads — Immense numbers. “The plain was covered with myriads of insects swarming and devouring all the vegetation.”

Unscrupulous — Unprincipled. “Desmond was not so unscrupulous as to betray his comrades.”

Unappreciative — Not having or showing sensitive awareness of worth or aesthetic value. “Tara thought her brother was unappreciative of the help she gave him.”

Variegated — Marked with different colors or tints in spots, streaks or stripes. “A shady corner of the garden was brightened by a clump of variegated coleus plants.”

Palatable — Agreeable to the palate or taste: savory. “Mom poured cheese over the spinach to make it more palatable.”

Fetidness — The state or condition of having an offensive smell. “For some people, limburger cheese’s fetidness is directly proportional to its tastiness.”

Noxious — Harmful or destructive to man or to other organisms. “Emma is studying the noxious effects of gasoline fumes.”

Whirligig — A child’s toy having a whirling or spinning motion. “Sandy bought a whirligig at the dime store.”

Undulate — Form or move in waves. “Terry stood on the shore and watched the ocean undulate in the moonlight.”

Precession — A comparatively slow gyration of the rotation axis of a spinning body. “Precession of the Earth’s axis will make Vega our North Star in about 13, 000 years.”

Unguligrade — Walking on hoofs. “Unguligrade mammals include horses, cows, swine, camels, deer, elephants, rhinoceroses and tapirs.”

Perturb — Cause (a planet or other celestial body) to deviate from a theoretically regular orbital motion usually as a result of extraordinary gravitational pull. “The black hole’s great density caused it to perturb a nearby star.”

Trunnioned — Having a pin or pivot usually mounted on bearings for rotating or tilting. “Dave attached a trunnioned compass to the deck of his sailboat.”

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