The News-Review will sponsor the 42nd annual Douglas County Spelling Bee on April 13th.

A set of spelling words will appear on this page every week through March 2nd. The weekly word lists can also be accessed online at by entering “Spelling Bee” into the search field.

The county spelling bee champion will win a trophy and new computer system. Trophies and prizes will also be awarded through fourth place.

All public school, private school and home-schooled students in the fifth through eighth grades are invited to participate. Students wishing to enter elimination rounds in their district must sign up with their school’s spelling bee coordinator. Home-schooled students should contact the home school spelling bee coordinator at 541-679-1251.

The county spelling bee coordinator may be contacted at Questions regarding the weekly word lists may be addressed to or to The News-Review at 541-229-4315.


Esoteric — Difficult to understand. “Phil found the article on metaphysics too esoteric.”

Obstinate — Pertinaciously adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course: not yielding to reason, arguments or other means. “The poet Samuel Butler wrote that ‘the obstinate man does not hold opinions, but they hold him.’”

Conflagration — A large disastrous fire involving numerous buildings. “Sixty fire trucks were called in to battle the conflagration.”

Tenebrism — A style of painting typically associated with the painter Caravaggio that submerges most of the forms depicted in shadow but dramatically illuminates the remaining forms by a beam of light. “The photographer created a photographic sort of tenebrism.”

Effulgent — Marked by or as if by brightly shining light. “Her effulgent beauty quite took the audience’s breath away.”

Valedictory — A speech or farewell usually given at the commencement exercises of a school or college. “Alice’s valedictory at graduation brought the entire senior class to its feet.”

Inflammable — Capable of being easily set on fire. “Inflammable hair products carry a warning label.”

Limerick — A light verse form of five anapestic lines. “Noel composed a funny limerick about his teacher.”

Boniface — The proprietor of a hotel, nightclub or restaurant. “The boniface of the Red Horse Inn loves to have his picture taken with visiting celebrities.”

Calligrapher — One who writes a beautiful, ornamental or stylized hand. “Joni and William had their wedding invitations inscribed by a calligrapher.”

Caterer — One whose business is to arrange for and supervise all the details relating to food service for any social affair. “The caterer placed a parsley leaf on each deviled egg.”

Herbalist — One who collects, grows or deals in medicinal plants. “Lisa consulted an herbalist regarding her wart.”

Curator — One in charge of the exhibits, research activities, and personnel of a museum, zoo or other place of exhibit. “Eric interviewed the curator of marine mammals at the aquarium.”

Jurimetrician — A specialist in the application of scientific methods to legal problems. “The judge heard testimony from a jurimetrician and a forensic pathologist.”

Bailiff — A court officer who seats witnesses and spectators, announces the entrance of the judge and keeps order in the court. “Judge Cantor asked the bailiff to remove Mr. Sims from the courtroom.”

Guatemalan — A native or inhabitant of Guatemala, a country in Central America. “Maria was a Guatemalan by birth, but had become a naturalized Brazilian.”

Glioma — A tumor arising from the tissue which supports the essential elements of nervous tissue. “An examination by our veterinarian revealed that the problems our dog was having were caused by a glioma.”

Dermatitis — Inflammation of the skin typically marked by reddening, swelling, and scaling. “Bonnie treated her dermatitis with aloe juice.”

Emphysema — A condition characterized by air-filled, blisterlike expansions in the tissues of the lungs. “Most cases of emphysema are caused by smoking.”

Meningitis — A disease in which microorganisms cause inflammation of the membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord. “Trudy had meningitis when she was seven.”

Paraplegic — Affected with paralysis of the lower half of the body including both legs due to disease or injury to the spinal cord. “With much determination, effort and training, the paraplegic patient learned how to take care of himself at home.”

Febrility — Feverishness. “As her febrility increased, the patient became delirious.”

Trauma — An injury or wound caused by the application of external force or violence. “The football player suffered the trauma of a broken leg.”

Gingivitis — Inflammation of the gums. “To prevent gingivitis, Beth has her teeth cleaned regularly.”

Sagittarius — The ninth sign of the zodiac. “The moon was in Sagittarius when Sherman was born.”

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