It is berry season in the Umpqua Valley. We picked strawberries last week at Big Lick Farms. They were ripe and ready to eat. We were deciding what to do with them all and found this delicious gluten free recipe online by Danielle Walker.

Walker is the author of cookbooks that are all grain and refined sugar free. She used a Paleo diet that she believes helped her heal from Ulcerative Colitis, an autoimmune disease. You can read her story on her website, Against all Grain.

Douglas County has lots of you-pick farms to pick your own berries and save a little cash. The Berry Patch is open. Big Bend Berries should be open around July 4t. Haven Blueberry Farm is hoping for the end of June. Big Lick Farms offers you-pick occasionally, follow them on Facebook to find out when they are open. The farm stand at Big Lick is also stocked with strawberries, open everyday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Kruse Farms is open for strawberries right now. So many choices and I know I missed a few, since I am new to the area.

I love using local ingredients. The strawberries are from Big Lick and the eggs from Helios Farms in Yoncalla. Helios Farms is a member only raw dairy, eggs, beef and pork farm. Once you join their farm share they will deliver you fresh raw milk and eggs weekly to a Roseburg pick-up.

My daughter and I went out there last week for a farm tour. We got to bottle feed the baby cows and collect the eggs. My daughter was in her happy place! Kira and Theo are wonderful hosts. I encourage you to go out to the farm and meet them. You will learn about the benefits of raw grass fed dairy, pastured eggs and rotational grazing.

My family does not do well on most dairy. We stopped drinking milk for a couple years and then a friend asked us to try his raw goat milk. We all felt great and loved having a nice cold glass of milk again. We now enjoy raw goat and cow’s milk with no negative effect. The raw milk preserves the enzymes and beneficial bacteria to help us digest the milk.

The first time I made these cupcakes we did not do a frosting. They were delicious on their own and gone quickly. For a prettier picture, I did make a simple whip cream using coconut milk. If you are looking for something fancier, there is an Italian meringue recipe on Walker’s website to go with these cupcakes. I like to keep things simple and they were delicious with the whip cream.

I believe this recipe would be delicious with any berry. We plan to experiment this summer with blueberries, raspberries and any other berry we can get our hands on! The lemon in the recipe pairs so nicely with the berries. The second time I made them I added extra lemon zest and found them to be even better! If you love lemon go heavy with the zest! Enjoy!

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A cheat version is at:


What is the reason for not using regular flour? Can you sub reg. flour for almond flour?

Beth Schultz NTP

Regular flour makes me and my family very ill so I only cook with gluten free and mostly grain free flours. I know I can not take almond flour and sub it 1 for 1 in recipes so I do not think it would work.

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