Take Root Parenting Connection in Douglas County will be adding classes for parents of teenagers for the 2019-20 school year.

Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative, of which Take Root is a part, and the Department of Human Services have worked together to focus on the older age group and locally, the hub is starting to figure out what that will look like.

“Kids don’t come with instructions and it’s the one thing you can do without training, but why wouldn’t you want to build a skill around it,” said Julie Hurley, an account executive for the Parenting Engagement & Education Program at Douglas Education Service District. “I was a single mom to three and I wish I had these classes.”

In addition to evidence-based parenting and caregiving principles, Hurley said the group also serves as a support system to many parents.

Parenting classes have been offered in the county through the organization since 1998.

Take Root, one of 17 Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative’s parenting hubs, covers Douglas, Klamath and Lake counties. Oregon State University provides the infrastructure for the different hubs.

Classes in Douglas County include 10-week courses, two-hour workshops and special events on evidence-based parenting and caregiving principles.

“We’re open to anyone,” Hurley said. “We have some folks coming because their caseworker suggested it and others because they want to be the best parents they can be.”

Nurturing Parenting, Make Parenting a Pleasure and Parenting a Second Time Around are the 10-week courses, as well as Abriendo Puertas (Opening Doors) and Haga de la Patwenidad un Placer (Making Parenting a Pleasure) for Spanish speaking families.

Topics for one night workshops include child literacy, child development, emotion coaching and math skills.

A big focus has been getting children ready to go for kindergarten through the Play2Learn workshop series, as well as reaching out to parents in rural communities.

One of the most popular workshops has been taming the tantrum.

“If you’re not engaging with them, they’re not learning,” Hurley said.

Locally, Take Root works with several organizations such as Head Start, Adapt and the Department of Human Services to get people educated about parenting.

The Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation provided the organization with a $7,500 grant, which will be used primarily to grow the Klamath County hub. Although some of the money could go toward programs in Douglas County.

Douglas County established the Douglas County Early Childhood Planning Coalition in 1998, which became a part of OPEC in 2009 and was renamed in 2016 when the other counties joined.

Klamath County’s program has been growing steadily since its inception while Lake County has just workshops available to parents at this time.

For information and upcoming events check the Douglas County Take Root Parenting Connection’s Facebook page.

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