All I can really say is wow! Never in my lifetime have I ever experienced something like this. Our entire country has literally been put on pause.

Who else hates it when something gets canceled, postponed, paused, put on hold? I mean just talking with someone on the phone and then having them put me on hold is irritating enough. I think I can safely say that we are all on the same page.

But in the midst of all of this let me ask you all a question. What are you doing with your pause?

Are you spending every single breath complaining about how stupid and crazy this is? Are you pointing fingers and putting blame on others? Are you panicking and worrying? I am not attacking anyone, I am simply asking you to take a moment and ask yourself if this is you. If it is then let me share a little hope.

First of all yes, please, by all means, take precautions and measures. This virus isn’t something to be taken lightly. However, on the flip side of things you can choose to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Choose to see the hope in knowing that we will get back to normal.

We will have our chances and opportunities again. There is a blessed hope. Let’s talk about the opportunities we have during our pause.

This a perfect time to deep clean. It’s also an amazing time to learn something new, take up a new hobby, write that book you’ve always wanted to write, send emails, letters and texts to those you’ve maybe lost contact with or that you didn’t have time to catch up with.

Use this time to help someone. Take groceries to a neighbors doorstep, share smiles all over social media. Help spread joy everywhere.

Our family has chosen to dabble into a little bit of everything. One of the most important things I’ve learned through all of this is to slow down. As a mother of six and a part-time substitute, I am always on the go. Everything I do is super fast. I have definitely taken the time to slow down.

Take this time to reconnect as a family. Sit in the evenings and just talk, chillax and get to know one another again. Or perhaps work on projects together. The ideas are endless. Make sure that your time during this pause is meaningful and well spent.

Yes, it is a tough time that we are going through, but it can be so much more enjoyable when we take the time to choose to be happy and see the bright side that’s coming.

This too shall pass. And it will. When that day comes, maybe you’ll have grown stronger together. You’ll have grown wiser and craftier. You’ll have grown happier and more appreciative. Who really knows. Maybe this is what some of us needed. It is a chance to slow down and really think about this life. I know I have. There have been many changes I have made in my own life and with my family. I encourage all of you to try the same. Enjoy this journey.

To all of the amazing men and women who are essential workers, I not only appreciate you but pray for you. To the people on the front lines working to fight against this virus we love and appreciate everything that you do.

What a moment in history that we are all taking part in. Remember, love, laugh, craft, learn, grow and thrive. We will make it through this together.


Kate Windsor is a Sutherlin resident and mother of six kids ranging in age from 11-18. Kate recently graduated from Eastern Oregon University with a Bachelor of Arts.

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