Farwick West purchased a used 1956 Ford F-100 pickup in 1968 and it took him to work each day for about 30 years.

“We did everything in it, it was kind of like having a kid, it starts growing on you after a while,” West said. “Drove it every day back and forth to work, hunting and camping and taking the kids out and giving them a good time.”

West, who lives in Green with his wife Penny, parked the pickup in a garage with plans to work on it, and bought another vehicle to use. When he took a new and more demanding position at the plant, those plans didn’t work out.

“It set for probably over 20 years,” he said.

He retired in 2000 and because of medical issues, he wasn’t able to work on the pickup until about 2017.

“My wife said ‘you’re not gonna sell it so you just as well better get busy on it,’” West said.

West met Gordon Boyd with the Stray Angels Car Club and Boyd helped him with the restoration, putting in a lot of time overhauling the old pickup.

“He’s done most of the heavy lifting as far as changing the front end out, built the motor mounts, built the transmission mounts, and he’s rebuilt the rear end,” West said. “Gordon has been a lifesaver for me.”

They’ve been doing most of the work in Boyd’s shop.

“He used to drive it back and forth to work and hauled firewood and gravel in it and then it sat for a while, and he decided to rebuild it,” Boyd said. “We rebuilt it into a real nice truck, it’s a beautiful truck now.”

“I had him tied up where he couldn’t do anything else,” West laughed. “He’s good and that guy’s particular, he makes it right or it doesn’t go in there.”

The seats came out of a 2017 Honda Odyssey, with a fold down console in the middle for refreshments.

The stick shift is still there but the truck has been made into an automatic to accommodate his wife.

“It had a 3-speed with an overdrive, but my wife has had knee surgery, it was getting hard for her to push the clutch in so we changed it over and it’s much, more convenient for driving around town,” West said.

And Penny West definitely wanted an air conditioner, that was not negotiable. So the men installed one just for her. Plus, the speedometer and instruments are all digital.

Their biggest concern was to try to keep the body as stock as they could keep it.

“We stripped it plum down to the bare frame, and it’s got a 351 Windsor and it’s been bored out to .030, and with that cam we put a four-barrel on it,” West laughed, noting the gas mileage is about 11 miles per gallon. “That might’ve been my mistake, but it’s got some power.”

This is the third paint job that West has put on the pickup, and his favorite is the one that’s on it now, a shimmering gray color, that he says fits it nicely.

Some of the parts have been hard to find because the pickup was a one-year edition.

“They only made them one year and difference is there’s a dogleg in the door, so the doors were the hardest part,” West said.

Most of the other parts he’s been able to find from companies that have the rights to make the replica parts with the Ford name.

West plans to display the pickup during Graffiti Weekend on Saturday, July 13 at the 37th annual River Forks Show-N-Shine at River Forks Park. West is hoping he and his wife can go to more car shows around the west.

“We’ve already got one lined up, Cool Coastal Nights at Winchester Bay, and we hope to go to one in Crescent City,” West said.

“The best part has been the friendships that I’ve made, the comments that I got from it,” West said. “That means more to me than any trophy you can get.”

Reporter Dan Bain can be reached at 541-957-4221 or e-mail at dbain@nrtoday.com.

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Dan Bain is the health reporter for The News-Review. He previously worked at KPIC and 541 Radio.

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