A healthy and hearty breakfast.

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and someone posted how they made pancakes out of just mashed banana and a couple of eggs. When I first heard of this recipe I thought no way! You cannot make pancakes out of just banana and eggs. Then I saw someone else rave about it so I tried it. To my surprise, you can make something like a pancake out of just eggs and banana.

I was satisfied with the recipe, but my husband said we can make these even better with a little coconut flour and baking soda. We started playing around with different variations and the result is delicious pancakes. I love the natural sweetness that comes from the banana paired with a little cinnamon. The flavor is amazing.

Pancakes were always one of my favorite breakfast treats. When I realized gluten was causing a severe reaction in my body and triggering my multiple sclerosis symptoms, I was so sad. Giving up pizza, beer and pancakes — oh no!

It has been four years now and I can say I have adapted well. Cheating is not an option for me since my last gluten exposure led to my legs going numb for nine months. I have had to be very creative in finding new foods that satisfy my palate and keep me healthy.

This recipe calls for a lot off eggs. I really love farm fresh eggs. In Douglas County, we have a lot of options to choose from. Raise your own chickens or find a local farmer. We purchase most of our eggs at the Farmer’s Market from Circle Star Ranch. Their eggs are all certified Animal Welfare Approved. I went out to their farm to learn more about what that meant.

Animal Welfare Approved has the highest standards for the proper treatment of animals. That may not matter to everyone, but it means a lot to me. I was a vegetarian for many years of my life. I chose that lifestyle when I was young because I believed it was healthier and I did not like the thought of animals being treated poorly. When my health failed, I started to research different diets and came across the work of Dr. Weston A. Price. His work convinced me that I needed to add back animal products into my diet. I felt better right away. I was happier and had so much more energy. Since then, I have tried to source all my meat and eggs from farmers who feed the animals their natural diet and give them plenty of room to roam.

Circle Star Ranch does just that. You can see the difference in an egg yolk. If you crack a conventional egg from a chicken who lived its entire life in a tiny cage with no sunlight you will get a pale-yellow yolk. If you crack an egg from a chicken who runs free soaking up the vitamin D from the sun and pecking on fresh grasses you will get a bright orange yolk. Testing has been done on the different types of eggs and a pasture raised egg has more vitamin A, E and higher omega-3 fatty acids. Most diets are too high in Omega-6 which is inflammatory while Omega-3 is anti-inflammatory. One great thing you can do for your health is try and add more Omega-3 to your diet. Pastured eggs are a great way to do that.

Beth Schultz is a nutritional therapist and member of the Douglas County Moms.

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