We’ve all been there: Tucked in after an evening of stargazing and enjoying the sound of crickets when a crew of campers crashes the campground and hoots until the early morning. It’s a great recipe for a restless night and is an experience that can quickly sour your seventh heaven. Here are eight tips to avoid being “that guy.”

Around the campfireDying to tell that awesome campfire story? Go ahead and scare your buddies but keep your voices down. Voices easily carry without all the traffic and horns in the background from the city. If you’re going to sing and dance around the campfire; do so early before your neighbors are going to sleep.

Keep it quietOK, so we’re all getting out to nature to have a good time. That said, don’t blast the radio, stereo or TV — especially late at night or early in the morning when your neighbors are trying to catch some sleep. Be courteous and ask the neighbors if you’re being too loud.

Pet etiquetteMost RVers love nature and animals, and that includes dogs. However, when your dog starts exploring your neighbors base and foodstuff it can be disrespectful. So keep your pet on a leash at all times. Many RVers love animals but they don’t want your dog running through their campsite. Also, stop excessive barking, and don’t leave a howling dog unattended.

No trespassingIf you’re walking around the campground, do not walk through other campsites. Even if it would make it easier to get to washrooms, dumpsters or other park locations. Walking through another person’s campsite is a major no-no. Respect your neighbors’ privacy and stay on the roads and pathways.

Pet peeveIf your dog does its business around the campgrounds be sure to pick it up. There is nothing worse than a late-night walk plundered by stepping in poop. Make sure you carry some bags on the leash and you can also hang them off the entry handle to the RV as an easy-to-reach place to grab one when needed.

Late arrivals, early departuresIf you’re arriving late to the park, perform a bare bones setup with as least amount of noise as possible. Everyone has arrived late to a campsite before but no one likes to wake up to a noisy engine, voices, and slamming RV doors. Your neighbors will be more understanding if they don’t have to listen to loud voices, slamming doors or an idling engine. Use the same consideration if you have to leave early the next morning.

Keep it cleanDon’t leave trash at your campsite. The smell alone may bring unwelcome furry visitors while you sleep or when you leave your site for a hike. Take your trash to the park-provided garbage bin and recycling containers. This also includes the sewer hookups; if you make a mess, clean it up!

Generator powerBe mindful of where your AC-generator’s exhaust is going, and try not to choke out your neighbors with stinky fumes. Most established campgrounds have posted generator hours; if none are posted, use good judgment don’t use generator between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. Also, think about your generator’s exhaust and be sure you’re not smoking out your neighbor with smelly fuses. If you’re concerned about the fumes or the noise, ask your neighbors if it bothers them. Believe me, they’ll tell you.

This column will work to make your RV lifestyle a little easier, more fun and stress-free. If you have suggestions on RV subjects, you’d like us to write about, call Paul Hemphill at Kamper Korner RV at 541-673-1258.

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Worst camper inconsideration/idiocy we saw was some newbies that didn't know they were supposed to run a dump tube from their blackwater tank to the sewer opening. They just kinda parked above the sewer opening and pulled the handle, and let fly.

It was worse than loud talk around a nice campfire.

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