Europe is one of the top-ranked international destination cities for potential travelers. Typically, 30 million tourists visit Paris, France, seen in this photo, each year.

Consumers are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about traveling again, according to a Travel Leaders Group survey.

Nearly all — 99% — of the 3,000 U.S. and Canadian frequent travelers who responded to the survey expressed an eagerness to go on a trip. Forty-five percent of respondents have either already booked a vacation or they’re starting to plan their next one. And 54% are dreaming of the time that they can travel again.

The Travel Leaders Group survey was conducted in September, in conjunction with the World Travel & Tourism Council, which represents the global travel and tourism private sector.

In the survey, 23% of respondents said that they plan to travel by the end of 2020, while 70% indicated that they will travel in 2021 and 18% will resume traveling in 2022.

Where do travelers want to go?

Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico are the top-ranked international destinations cited in the survey, followed by Canada (for U.S. travelers), Central and South America, Australia, Africa and Asia.

The types of domestic destinations U.S. travelers are looking for include spots that aren’t crowded and places where they can spend time outdoors, such as beaches. National parks, Florida, Hawaii, Alaska and California rank high on their list. Popular destinations such as New York and Nevada scored lower.

A majority of survey respondents said that the implementation of health and safety initiatives at airports, aboard aircraft and at resorts all play a crucial role in their decision to start traveling again. They’re looking for regulations mandating masks, social distancing, enhanced cleaning protocols, temperature checks and access to sanitizing gel. For resorts, contact-free services and customizable room cleaning are also important considerations.

Among those who plan to take a vacation, 47% said they’re going to fly to their destination, while 21% will drive. Seventeen percent are planning an ocean cruise and 5% want to go on a river cruise.

The willingness of Americans to travel can be seen in the slow, but steady increase in the Transportation Security Administration’s daily screening numbers, which fell below 90,000 in April but are now approaching 1 million a day at peak periods of time. In 2019, traveler counts averaged between 2.3 and 2.7 million passengers a day.

Another sign of Americans’ renewed interest in travel is a dramatic rise in online inquiries to Travel Leaders Group. Consumers are seeking help planning trips around milestone birthdays, honeymoons and anniversaries. Many say that they want the advice of an expert travel advisor who can answer questions like where they can go without having to self-quarantine.

A travel advisor can provide all of the information you need about destinations, requirements and how to protect your vacation investment. Best of all, a travel advisor provides peace of mind. They’re someone to contact should questions arise before or during a trip.

For help navigating any travel plans, contact your travel advisor or connect with one through Travel Leaders/Fly Away Travel.

This content is provided by Travel Leaders / Fly Away Travel, located at 1445 W. Harvard Avenue in Roseburg. Call 541-672-5701 for information.

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