I love routine. I love order. I love organization. When someone says they just let something happen "organically," I have to admit I throw up in my mouth a little.

But this morning, I woke up in a town I had never been to and hadn't planned on landing in. I drove a car that wasn't mine down an unfamiliar road and it felt - brilliant. It was exciting and it was exhilarating.

I saw this moment for all the beauty that it was, a hopeful metaphor for this coming year. I don't have any grand plans, but life is surely a grand adventure or nothing at all.

It will be frustrating as there will be moments when being in new territory with people I don't know and places I haven't seen can make me feel overwhelmed and edgy, but if I can grab the reigns and ride the adventure, I will see new and amazing things.

I will grow and love and think new thoughts never thought before.

So this year, I will embrace the unknown like a hot cup of coffee and welcome it like an old friend.

I will follow where God leads even when I am called to places unknown and I will enjoy those who I am blessed to journey with.

I will choose to look at trials as opportunities to shine.

I know this may be too much optimism for some, but like most of you I see the blank page of a new year and am filled with optimism.

It is also filled with opportunities to engage the word I have chosen this year: self-control.

Mariam Webster defines self-control as: restraint exercised over one's own impulses, emotions, or desires.

Self-control, a fruit of the spirit, that says my thoughts, feelings, and actions aren't some mistake of chemistry, but are within my ability to control and choose.

I will say "no" to myself, my selfish desires, my urgent but unnecessary wants and instead choose what truly matters.

I will say "yes" to more water, and walks, and moments with those I love. I will say yes to generosity and kindness and most of all to God.

I will choose my long term goals over my short term indulgences and I will choose how I respond to the people and situations that occur in my life.

I will more than likely fail on occasion as I am human, but I will not let that keep me from trying again the next moment. Self-control.

I will be more aware of what is within my boundaries and I will choose to live up to the responsibilities I have and hold. I will choose to embrace the adventure and unknown, the scary, and the unsure, with full confidence in the God who carries me through.

So what is your word for the year?

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