spring flowers

I am not sure about you, but this has felt like a long winter. And it probably wasn't any longer than previous ones.

February, even though it's the shortest month of the year, to me, felt long and hard.

It may have been the weather, or maybe that our family was sick on and off for most of the month and it just seemed to drag on. Then we had those snow days and delays which can often knock off routines and mess up our schedules.

I was excited to flip my calendar to March. Even though the weather is still a little manic, there is just something about March that gets me excited.

Probably the fact that it's getting closer to spring and for me that signifies new life and brightness. The weather hopefully should be getting a little better and the daylight longer.

Winter is definitely a time of darkness and the world around us seems like it may have gone to sleep for several months. One of the things I have been aware of recently is that even during the time that seems like there is no life, like time is standing still, in the season of dormancy, there is a time of preparation for something new.

That's what I love about spring - new life and maybe even new beginnings.

We too go through seasons in our lives. For each of those they may look different depending on our ages and stage of life. Personally, we go through winter seasons whether it is in our parenting, marriage, jobs, relationships and family life. 

I’m realizing that when things seem hard that there is a longing. We want it to be over - we don't want to go through the process. We don't want to wait! 

Life seems dormant at those times and I personally don't like the wait in the challenges of our seasons.

From experience we know that it's important to go through those times, as that is what can often produce new growth, new life and fruit in our lives.

But it’s hard as we don’t like to experience pain or discomfort. However, it’s when we look back that we see that it was necessary for what was to come.

The other day in between the crazy weather, I was out in my backyard when I noticed a beautiful crocus had bloomed. This brought so much joy to my heart because it reminded me that when things seem dead that all the while underneath new life is being created.

It is the same with our hearts, those times of hard and maybe even pain, something new is coming. It's so easy to get discouraged, especially for those of us in the intense season of mommy life, we can be exhausted from the daily. It may feel like nothing is being done, no progress and then all of a sudden we see our children blossom in the areas we have been fighting so hard for in what may seem like a long season.

I guess that is why I am excited about spring. It's the celebration of a new season, with all its life and newness and joy! With spring comes Easter which in itself is a celebration of life. It's one of my favorite times of the year. 

We can rest in knowing that the old is gone, the dormancy at least for a season is over and we can celebrate and breath in what is in store for us with  a season that celebrates life. Happy spring!

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