Six Douglas County residents died from complications due to the coronavirus Wednesday, including a 26-year-old man — the youngest since the onset of the pandemic.

The Douglas County COVID-19 Recovery Team reported the man had been diagnosed Aug. 12, becoming the county's 146th victim of the coronavirus. He had not been vaccinated, according to the county.

Four other victims, a 45-year-old woman, a 67-year-old woman, a 64-year-old woman and a 74-year-old man also died Wednesday. Neither of those four were vaccinated, according to the recovery team's Friday report. A fully vaccinated 65-year-old man was also among the victims.

The county had 166 new positive and presumptive cases reported Thursday and 131 such cases Friday, bringing the county's total number of COVID-19 cases to 9,225.

There were 110 county residents hospitalized as of Friday morning, 75 locally and 35 outside the county, including two receiving specialized care outside of Oregon. The team reported that 104 of those 110 COVID-19 patients were not fully vaccinated, meaning they are two weeks beyond having completed a coronavirus vaccination sequence.

At CHI Mercy Medical Center, 15 patients were on ventilators while another 15 were requiring non-invasive ventilation to support their breathing. There were 12 COVID-positive patients in the hospital's intensive care unit and another 22 in the progressive care unit. As of Friday, 61% of the hospitals total patient population were positive for the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Oregon Health Authority has reported more than 4,800 new positive and presumptive cases of the coronavirus over the previous two days, including 51 deaths.

There were 2,449 positive cases and 27 deaths reported by the health authority in its Thursday update, and another 2,379 cases and 24 deaths reported Friday.

Oregon's death toll due to the coronavirus has risen to 3,272.

Donovan Brink can be reached at and 541-957-4219.

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(38) comments


There is a nice graph in an excellent article in the NYT today. Looks like a vaccinated person has a 1/5000 chance of contracting Covid, per day, on average--but, of course the odds are highly modified by other behaviors (masking, distancing, or attending SuperSpreaderSpitSwaps (TM) in Winston)

According to the graph, we should expect roughly 70 new cases/day in Douglas County, but I think we are on the high side, like South Carolina.

Mike, do you know our, say, two week daily average?


Douglas County has averaged 143 cases per day over the last two weeks and has averaged 2.5 deaths per day over that same period.


Mike, thanks. So we have a far higher case rate than does the worst state.


132 members of law enforcement are known to have died of COVID-19 so far in 2021, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page (below link). Despite their deaths, police officers and other first responders are among those most hesitant to get the vaccine and their cases continue to grow.


So it looks like the Douglas County GQP is threatening to intimidate the Winston Dillard School Board into firing the superintendent because he is doing such a horrible thing as following the law.

This nonsense has got to stop. You crazies are killing people.


melrosedreader: killing people is really, really, really owning the libs.

Spread the virus on Biden's watch. Die on Brown's watch. Maybe give a few kids the viral complications in their hearts and brains.

Honestly: I am out of compassion for them. If they were not hurting all of the rest of us, I'd be fine with their swapping spit and staying the heck out of our hospitals.


Hold a second. What ever happened to the doctor's Hippocratic Oath to do no harm you guys were scolding me with a mere week ago?


Mike, it appears your comment is addressed to me, and I'm uncertain what it means. My "spread"/"die" reference was intended to describe what the GQP are doing; my exhaustion* of compassion is not harmful to anyone but me--it does not affect anyone else's behavior or health outcomes.

(*I'm better this morning, thank you; some degree of compassion restored)


I was referring to my comments about doctors making the decision to prioritize treatment of vaccinated people over non-vaccinated people.


Looks like six new deaths in last four days, and, of the 110 patients in hospital, 6 are fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Douglas County GOP is whipping frenzy against masking in Winston-Dillard schools. Freedumb!


Way downthread, FedUp made an absurd, false, and racist claim that deserves more derision.

Or a retraction and an apology from FedUp--however unlikely.

FedUp claims that,"...[Y]ou haven't looked at any of the data regarding the unvaccinated. The vast majority are not white." This is a lie.




There have been 2,646,977 vaccinated in Oregon according to the Oregon Health Authority (below link). 1,823,146 (68.9%) of those people are white.


"Among people living in Oregon in 2016, 76% identified as white, 13% Latina(o), 5% Asian and Pacific Islander, 2% African American, 1% American Indian and Alaska Native, and 3% two or more races."

Comment deleted.

melrosereader: thanks for link. That is a really rotten, lousy, scary bedtime-story.


It's working! Little by little we're inching our way towards herd immunity. Maybe a year from now, after wave after wave of case spikes and inevitable deaths, the COVID Freedom Fighter group should be able to claim victory. Keep fighting the good war -- you're gonna win, I just know it!


dejadoodoo: Great Barrington rides again! It appears that at least two of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are named Powell.


6 Douglas County residents dying in one day is a new record, breaking the old record of 5 set just five days earlier.


Going on the third straight week that Douglas County REMAINS Oregon's Covid epicenter with the most cases and deaths per 100,000 residents.

Guess that horse de-wormer being prescribed by Evergreen and Mercy isn't working out as well as claimed after all.


One of my close friends has a family member thats a part of the winston school board. It should be noted that someone pointed out in the article with the various superintendents that supported kids wearing masks when school started, that winston and another districts were absent from the list. Her family member was probably one of the few people on the board I think that supported kids going back to school wearing masks. Needless to say that person has a few enemies now. The next meeting that was a few days ago, one of the people invited Boice, Heard, and that Virgil guy to speak on their behalf about why masking is stupid essentially. Many people acted as if national heroes had walked into the room. She said once the meeting started and the arguments/debates went on, it might as well have turned into a debate over who had the biggest sized body part. I've seen how easily Boice can loose his temper and get mad from videos of other meetings when hes present when people say things he doesn't like, so I can only imagine his behavior there. At the end of the night the only thing that really seemed to have gotten accomplished was that if you didn't agree or think like certain people, than you were a moron. Sounds like the rate things are going that Winston school district anyways is probably going scrap the required mask thing in the very near future, so I expect several new outbreaks with teachers/students in the near future in that area of town.

Tom Wingo

The video of the Winston-Dillard School Board meeting is on their Facebook page. I watched it. Commissioner Boice was not there. Please point to a video where Commissioner Boice has lost his temper. Again, he wasn't there, so I guess you are technically right when "you can only imagine his behavior there."

Commissioner Freeman was there -- and didn't speak for or against any COVID related mandates. He did say he would supports local control and would support whatever decision the school board made -- the same as he supports the other 12 school districts who made the decision to follow the mandates.

The Winston-Dillard School district's board passed a resolution at this meeting -- and their superintendent posted on their FB page that the resolutions states that they will follow mandates as they are legally required to do (although the district will challenge the mandates in court). This is despite all the blustering by people and board members saying they were against the mandates. It was clear that the board meeting was designed more for political theater than thoughtful discussion.

While it probably doesn't matter to you that you stated inaccuracies -- as this is just "what you heard" -- it should matter to all of us, regardless of our political persuasions.


Were you AT the School Board meeting or are you going by what appears on Facebook? Is it possible Facebook did not capture EVERYTHING you doubt?


To be fair Boice and Freeman look similar and quite a few people have trouble telling the difference between the two, so I'm sure thats where the confusion came from. I've watched various meetings, debates, etc over the span of several years, I couldn't possibly tell you by heart what days exactly those were, but I'm sure others can testify to seeing some tempters lost between anyone in local politics here. Not to mention we have documented proof from a year ago that the commissioners like delete things such as the infamous incident from a year ago with Freeman saying we didn't need to change our ways, than when Mike brings up the video its mysteriously deleted days later. I suspect something similar would probably happen again.


I can comment to personal experience with Commissioner Chris Boice's angry and unethical behavior. I even have his false attempt at an apology in writing.


I believe Citizens For Tyranny published part of this School Board meeting on their website.


" that if you didn't agree or think like certain people, than you were a moron". Sounds like the sentiment of the pro mask , pro vaccine on this forum! If everyone doesn't conform to their thinking they must be morons.


If the shoe fits...

Or maybe you just have Contrarian/Defiance syndrome.

"The contrarians can get excited about the apparently dramatic effects of ivermectin without having to agree with people they regard as wildly wrong on case rates, death rates, the effects of lockdowns, and so on. They also get to feel the frisson of telling the world that they know better: they have secret knowledge about a super-important treatment, and the blinkered medical community just won’t listen."

C Boice

I wasn’t there.. you are mistaken.


And there is this sad story about what is happening down the road in Grants Pass.

Courtesy of all you pathetic anti-vaxxers


Six more people gone. It seems as if not many of the liberty loving residents of Douglas County could be roused to caring when the people dying of covid were someone else's 80-90+ year old relatives. Didn't touch them. I wonder how people will feel as younger patients get sick, as children get sick? Will they cling to their freedom to infect others without impunity as their basic right as a proud and free American? I'm guessing yes. Hope I'm wrong.


mworden . . . the need to "prove a point," by these anti-government, anti-vaxx, anti-mask dumba$$'s is more important than the obvious results of their discontent . . . dead people, younger and younger dead people. Don't get a vaccine, die. Don't wear a mask, spread it. Hate government - yes, but only when its serves their purposes . . . so very sad. The reality of people acting in opposition to their own best interests is just insane.


I don't believe that the majority of people that don't want to get vaccinated and wear masks "Hate the government". If you think that, then you haven't looked at any of the data regarding the unvaccinated. The vast majority are not white. So you are harboring a lot of unjustified anger to minority groups that don't deserve it.


Many people of color distrust, even fear, the government because they know about the unethical Tuskegee study where Black men were used to observe the natural course of untreated syphilis, even after penicillin was shown to be curative. They also know about the Black tobacco farmer Henrietta Lacks who had cells taken from her cervical tumor without her consent. Those cells lines are still alive today and are used to study many disorders. Her family was kept in the dark, even after her death.

Black Americans have reason to distrust the government when it comes to medical interventions. For example, pulse ox meters were standardized on white people and may give artificially high blood ox readings on Blacks. In the time of covid, sick Black people were sent home from the ER after being assured their readings were normal, only to die later because they couldn't get enough oxygen.

They don't hate the government. They have real reasons to suspect unfair treatment. I don't know what excuse White people in Douglas County have to fear they're being experimented on or whatever it is they believe. But they do believe it, including a member of my own family who refuses both masks and vaccination. He is not a bad person, a selfish person, or an unintelligent person. He does not hate the government. He fears the vaccine and believes that "breathing his own exhaust" (i.e. wearing a mask) concentrates all sorts of viruses, bacteria and fungi in the lungs and that for some reason the government and George Soros will benefit from our ill-health. He believes it with every fiber of his being. He's considerate, generous and hard-working. He keeps his distance, respecting his elders' "fear."

If someone can explain it to me, please do. But he's not a dumba$$ or evil or selfish. He was sold a bill of goods early on and he bought in. The government, George Soros, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci or Joe Biden have never harmed him. And his heels are dug in deeply. I think he may be representative of a sizable portion of the county population. His friends agree with him and they hold more sway than the elder relatives. Oh ... he also believes Trump's only reason for running for prez was to Drain the Swamp. True belief.


FedUp: You write: "The vast majority [of the unvaccinated] are not white. " That is a lie.

Or it is such a pitiful misunderstanding of arithmetic as to disqualify one from any discussion of vaccination rates.

"White adults account for the largest share (57%) of unvaccinated adults."--thus the majority of the unvaccinated are white; 57% is a majority, even in trumpworld (TM).

It is true that vaccination *rates* were recently lower among nonwhites (and there are reasons for this, as mworden writes), but it was never, ever the case that your assertion was true. Further, vaccine acceptance among nonwhites is surging *faster* than among whites.

Your false assertion perfectly fits the RWNJ paradigm of dirty, diseased, "others" who "pollute" our white temple. It is racist, vile, and despicable. And violates arithmetic.


CitizenJoe nailed it[thumbup]

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