SUTHERLIN — A family of five enters a room. There is no way out, other than to solve a series of riddles.

Mom, dad and their three children have to put their heads together, try different theories until they ultimately find the right answer. The quest continues, until the family ultimately solves the final riddle and finds their way out of the “Escape Room.”

That was the goal of Drew and Casey Snow, who recently started Epic Escape PNW, located at 861 W. Central Ave. in Sutherlin.

“We see these families coming in, just watching them coming in and connecting on a different level has been so inspiring to us,” Drew Snow said. “There are a lot of families under a lot of stress right now, whether it’s COVID stress or workplace stress.”

Currently, Epic Escape PNW is operating its escape and espionage rooms, as well as a haunted house on the 5,500-square-foot property.

There is also a smash room, where people can spend a few bucks to just break stuff.

“It’s therapy. That’s the whole goal,” Drew Snow said. “Mental health matters, and people are drained.”

Among the three escape rooms and the espionage room, there is a strict no-cell policy. Phones are left outside with the intention of helping teammates better connect with each other on their quest to solve their puzzle.

“We want them to have that disconnect,” Drew said. “It’s an adventure. When you’re taking your ‘framily’ (friends and/or family) on this adventure, every time you solve a puzzle, that’s a micro-goal. That actually helps enhance and elevate mental health.

“Just watching these families coming in and connecting on a different level has been so inspiring to us,” he said.

In the espionage room, your crew is a team of special operatives who have intentionally been arrested, knowing that your particular jail cell is adjacent to a nuclear rocket lab.

“Your goal is to break into that lab and recover the nuclear codes to save the world from going into chaos,” Snow said.

The Snows have certainly had a little help from their friends. With so much space available, a haunted house was designed with the help of “some friends who are really good at what they do.”

Epic Escape PNW also offers a video arcade with a “grades for games” promotion, where students who maintain good grades can play for free.

The escape and espionage rooms are open between 7-10 p.m. by appointment only. Epic Escape PNW also has space for birthdays and corporate events. After the Halloween season, the Snows are planning to add a miniature golf course.

“We needed something local,” Drew Snow said of the family fun center. “Something that gives you a mind break.”

Rates for the escape and espionage rooms are $30 per person for a 60-minute session and $20 per person for 30 minutes. A tour of the haunted house is $10 per person.

For more information about Epic Escape PNW or to make an appointment, call 801-860-4052 or visit their Facebook page by searching Epic Escape PNW.

Donovan Brink can be reached at and 541-957-4219.

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Cops and Courts Reporter

Donovan Brink is the cops and courts reporter for The News-Review.

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I have to agree. Roseburg and it's surrounding areas have very little in terms of fun that the entire family can enjoy, either individually or as a unit. Especially during the early evening.

What Roseburg really needs a d my daughter has spent time planni.g, is a place where families can ride on go karts, play miniature golf and the like. Our town has literally nothing fun for young people and families to do that are more active!

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