A Roseburg man accused of four counts of first-degree sexual abuse was sentenced Friday to serve 75 months in the Oregon Department of Corrections.

Glenn Jay Essig, 65, was convicted on one count of first-degree sexual abuse, a Measure 11 crime in Oregon carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of 75 months.

The Roseburg Police Department arrested Essig on Oct. 12 after receiving information from a juvenile female who was known to Essig. 

Court documents alleged that on four separate occasions over a two-year period, Essig engaged in sexual physical contact with the juvenile female. The girl told an investigator that the abuse began in 2015 when she was 10 years old.

He said he was trying to help the girl “learn about the birds and the bees” and, after noticing her taking a liking to other girls, he “wanted to show her that she could have more fun with boys as she got older.” Essig told police he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong at the time, but could now see what he had done was wrong.

When first confronted with the allegations by an investigating detective, Essig reportedly waived his right to speak without an attorney present, telling the investigator, “I need to get it out,” according to a court document.

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(4) comments

Marine Vet

The Shear Amount of Phedophiles in Douglas County is Unreall. In the last 5 years. No Less then 3 Police Officers, 3 Pastors or Church Leaders, 2 School Teachers & a Janitor. Then throw in the 20 Plus "men" from the surrounding communities. Looks like this is { Club Ped } of the PWN here in Douglas County

Willie Stroker

The amount of pedophiles has increased considerably because of Covid. People who normally would get their "fix" from prostitutes are now stuck at home with their children and grandchildren. I've seen a huge increase in just the past year. I cant imagine what it is Nationwide... Pedophiles should get the death penalty.

NR blogger

Sex trafficking in Douglas County is is like a cult. Anyone involved needs professional counseling and cult reprogramming. I am not sure if this is available here or if the scope of the problem is acknowledged by anyone. If a person did get the treatment they needed, I think they would never be able to return to Douglas County. Any they might be safer in another state. Recruitment can begin at a early age. I think the common Pedro's actually are recruiters for the larger syndicate.

NR blogger

Auto correct is rearranging things again. Should have read. Anyone involved needs professional counseling and cult deprogramming.

Last sentence should have read I think common pedos are recruiters.

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