The Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team reported 31 new cases of coronavirus during its noon update.

The county has seen 70 new positive cases since Monday.

“While the case count today is not a record, it is still way too high,” the COVID-19 response team said in a press release. “Please do everything you can to prevent the spread of this awful virus.”

There are 14 county residents receiving hospital care for COVID-19, eight locally and six out of the area. The Douglas Public Health Network is monitoring 197 patients with positive tests in isolation, an increase of 15 from Wednesday, and 561 residents with presumed positive tests or who are potential contacts in quarantine.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 267 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases and seven deaths in its Thursday report.

In the health authority’s weekly workplace outbreak report, Roseburg Forest Products’ Riddle plywood plant saw four additional cases, raising its total to 13. The Roseburg Forest Products Dillard plywood plant remained at 19 cases from last week’s report.

No other Douglas County entities appeared on the workplace or senior living outbreak reports.

Those wishing to get either of the three available COVID-19 vaccines can do so by contacting their area healthcare provider or pharmacy, or by calling the Douglas County COVID-19 hotline at 541-464-6550.

The next drive-thru vaccination clinic will be held at the Douglas County Fairgrounds from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. The clinic is a collaborative effort between the Douglas Public Health Network, Douglas County Board of Commissioners and Aviva Health. Children ages 12-14 will need to have a parent or guardian accompany them to give written consent for the vaccine.

“Walk-ins” are welcome, but early registration is encouraged for shorter wait times. Those wishing to get the vaccine can register at or by calling 541-671-3646 (English) or 541-671-1355 (Spanish).

Also, the Douglas County Tiger Team has announced its latest series of mobile vaccination clinics for the coming week:

  • Friday, FCC Furniture, 8452 Old Highway 99 North, Roseburg, 1-4 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Orenco Systems, 814 Airway Ave., Sutherlin, 8-noon and 1-4 p.m.
  • Wednesday, Oakland City Hall, 637 NE Locust St., 1-4 p.m.
  • Thursday, Glide Rural Fire Protection District, 18910 North Umpqua Highway, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Douglas County Public Health Officer Bob Dannenhoffer will be holding a Facebook Live Q&A session Friday at 4 p.m. on the Douglas Public Health Network’s Facebook page.

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(22) comments


43 new coronavirus cases were reported today in Douglas County according to the Oregon Health Authority daily report (below link) which is the second highest all-time. The high of 44 occurred on February 11.

This comes a day after the County Commissioners Coronavirus Response Team announced they will no longer reporting and issuing press releases regarding coronavirus on weekends.


I followed your link and then went to KGWs daily report. For June 5, they both report 19 new cases in Douglas County.


Guess we'll see on Monday.


I hope it's the lower number, but won't be surprised if it's high. The local Monday report will cover Friday noon to Monday noon.


It appears I was wrong about the 43 new cases because there were only 30 new cases reported over the weekend. I am now wondering WHY the OHA reported 43 positive ELRs on Saturday and has since backtracked on that number with no reason stated.


Citizens for Tyranny, that Douglas County group of business owners that doxxes old ladies in blood and pressures government officials to pledge their support or face recall, made the following statements on their Facebook page (below link) over the past two days:

“Our local health officials, as well as our local government leaders have some explaining to do. They all followed blindly and gave excuses of why they couldn't do anything to protect our rights. They should all just resign at this point...they will not be re-elected. Their cowardness to not stand for our rights is now on full display!”


I am writing with urgent concern over the blatant and aggressive religious persecution that is accelerating in our county due to the unlawful behavior of clerks at retail stores and medical staff at hospitals and medical settings denying my lawful entry and participation in the most integrated setting possible, with full and equal access to all services, facilities, privileges and accommodations, as required by state and federal law. I (and many other Christians like me) have been persecuted for my religious beliefs and have been unlawfully discriminated against and prevented from appearing in public places and partaking in normal public life, such as shopping, dining, getting required medical services and partaking in recreational activities because I do not veil my face. Veiling my face is a violation of my religious liberty, which is a Constitutionally-protected right.”

You can read the multiple responses at the below link.


Wait a minute -- the Tyranny crowd don't like their local elected officials? Hey, you got something in common with them now Mike. You keep getting the left worked up, they will rally the right -- and between the two of you groups I can't wait to see what we get the next go around. Careful what you wish for folks.


You seriously think Mike is a lefty? Now I'm scared.[scared]


Just WHERE are these cases coming from? I don't think it is the local population....


Wretched, sometimes it's difficult to see problems in our own families or communities. Much easier to look outward, at others. At least half our local population has not been vaccinated and they are choosing to return to life as normal, without masks or social distancing. They are traveling, holding gatherings and they enjoyed the recent three day weekend. Now they're getting sick. Last Tuesday, Dr. D said that out of the last 335 cases, 329 people had not been vaccinated. The six who had been vaccinated did not become seriously ill. That's where the cases are coming from -- from within our own community. Or to put it in scary movie terms, the call is coming from within the house. We have to be careful right here at home because it is our local population.


The virus WILL make the unvaccinated ill. That's a fact.

Both Don and Melania Trump got COVID. That's a fact.

Don Trump recommended everyone get vaccinated. That's a fact.

We got vaccinated because we don't want to be ill. That's a fact.

I'll feel sorry for you if you refuse vaccination and catch it. That's a fact.

You are stupid if you refuse to be vaccinated without good reason. That's a fact.

Don't be stupid -- stay healthy.


Long-winded post follows. Way too long. It may interest you if you don't know the history of public health services in Douglas County,

I'm tired of all this talk of false narratives. It's like the term "woke.' It was first coined by progressive Black thinkers and then adopted by the reactionary right to use as a cudgel to defend the indefensible.

We don't need a narrative, which is a story. We have facts and here they are: Regardless if the true number of people vaccinated in Douglas County 39 percent or 52 percent, it's still not enough people to create herd immunity. As a result, we're having high case counts and some very sick younger people are hospitalized. That is the fact that is indefensible.

We have a strong anti-mask and anti-covid precaution movement in Douglas County and this dangerous set of beliefs has been publicly encouraged several times in the past year by some of our elected officials, including Commissioners Chris Boice and Tim Freeman, who have loudly protested the governor's covid restrictions. That is indefensible when our case count is so high. If more people got vaccinated and followed precautions, we'd have a low case count and no restrictions. The commissioners prefer no restrictions without precautions. That is stupidity and there are people in the hospital to prove it.

In 2015, Commissioner Freeman was instrumental in giving public health the heave-ho as a county department. As a result, the local medical community scrambled and Douglas Public Health Network was born as a 501-c-3 non-profit. It is not a county department.

According to state law, each of the counties in Oregon acts as the local health authority. Douglas County chose to contract out public health services. That's why we don't have a Douglas County Health Department. Tim made sure it was shuttered.

Public health services continued through the efforts of a consortium of public and private agencies, including DPHN, Aviva, UCAN and Adapt. The county's goal was to be rid of those services, especially the sexual health component that provided birth control, cancer screenings, STD checks and treatment, HPV vaccine, and help for pregnant woman. The effort to get rid of those services preceded Tim's election as commissioner. Getting rid of the health department was a long-term goal of the reactionary right in Douglas County.

DPHN does not provide sexual health services. They are in charge of communicable diseases (like covid,) emergency preparedness (like the Archie Creek fire,) tobacco education and prevention, prescription O.D. prevention, oral health, and modernizing public health services.

The commissioners have, to their credit, fulfilled they duties of funneling state and federal public health dollars to the appropriate non-county agencies and they have budgeted county funds as required by law. The fact that they are the local health authority is due to the way the state law is written, not due to their dedication to public health. Chris Boice made comments (I believe on a radio show) that indicated his willingness to turn the health authority back over to the state if people kept complaining. That comment may have been aimed at Mike, but I don't know for sure. Mike, if you still have the transcript to that comment, it would be a good time to share it.

Paradoxically, after doing everything he could to destroy the health department, Tim jumped in during the pandemic and, according to Dr. Dannenhoffer, has been extremely helpful, including personally driving to the coast every weekend to help with testing and asking daily what he can provide to help. He rose to the occasion.

The commissioners have funneled pandemic funds to DPHN, allowing more staff to be hired. That is their job. But the fact remains: Historically for the past 6 years minimum, the Douglas County Commissioners set out to weaken public health and get it off the county's hands.

My thoughts and feelings are not fact, but they are based on the above facts: I don't feel like giving the commissioners kudos for meeting a public health crisis in the past year when they had done a great deal to diminish public health in Douglas County. We have good public health services here cause other agencies jumped in to save those services.

I don't feel like giving them kudos when they are not actively working with their supporters to encourage them to get vaccinated. It's great that Tim has helped DPHN. It would be greater if he's rolled up his sleeve on the courthouse steps with the TV cameras rolling to show his supporters how important vaccination is. It's great the Chris didn't turn the health authority back to the state as he threatened, but I'd like to see him on the courthouse steps, too. Their loud defense of no restrictions and no precautions is indefensible. That's the false narrative here -- the idea that we can carry on as usual without concern for the impact of covid. That came directly from the commissioners and their influencers. It's false, it's wrong, it's dangerous. They put it in writing. They get no kudos for that.

Here's some true narrative: " While the county retains public health authority, Douglas Public Health Network and its affiliated non-governmental organizations provide the services."

The commissioners don't get credit for the work done by other people. That can take the credit for stepping up to the plate after it became apparent we were facing a national crisis, but it's all tarnished by their recent letter to the governor protesting covid precautions.

I'm willing to give then credit for not being complete a$$es. But that's as far as I can go. They could do so much more to convince their supporters to do the right thing -- get vaccinated and use precautions until they are fully protected. If/when that happens, I'll give them all the kudos in the world.


I do not recall hearing or reading Chris Boice threatened to turn the Douglas County Health Department over to the state. I do however recall a month ago when Curry County Commissioner Court Boice announced Curry County’s Health Department was being disbanded and turned over to the state.

Don’t forget Commissioner Chris Boice, rather than encourage people to get vaccinated, instead encouraged just the opposite and wrote that its anti-vaxxer right to not get vaccinated.

The CDC, Veterans Administration and Oregon Health Authority are the source for the Douglas County vaccination numbers I have provided, along with the links provided for people who wish to verify those numbers. The vaccination numbers from those established sources are SIGNIFICANTLY different than the vaccination numbers provided by our County Commissioners Coronavirus Response Team.

The County Commissioners have repeatedly claimed the OHA vaccination numbers are incorrect because they don’t include vaccinations at the Veterans Administration and Tribal site. However, the CDC also reports daily vaccinations for Douglas County and their numbers are higher than the OHA because they INCLUDE vaccinations at VA and Tribal sites. Yet the difference between the daily numbers provided by the CDC and our County Commissioners is nearly 10,000 residents vaccinated. That’s close to a 30% difference.

So whose vaccination numbers are correct? Are we to believe the CDC or the words of our County Commissioners who have repeatedly demonstrated their political agenda has driven their actions?


As usual, you mix facts, with personal opinion, and misinformation. This idea that they need to be on the Courthouse steps demanding people get vaccinated is silly and just leads to a paternalistic governance that is dangerous no matter what party is in control. The evolution of public health in Douglas County was not, as you claim, an effort by the Commissioners to weaken or eliminate public health -- but make it stronger by integrating it into the larger existing healthcare community. If anything, our County's response to the pandemic has been stronger because of this structure -- not weaker as purport (to, dare I say, perpetuate a false narrative). As for the use of language such as "narrative" I'm sorry if calling our yours and others hypocrisy in this area is so offensive to you. You claim your thoughts and feelings are based on "facts." I read your "facts" and its clear your thoughts and feelings are based on your perception of the facts. I stand by what I wrote below -- if you need the assurance of an elected tire salesman instead of a medical professional to make a good heath care decision, you are special kind of stupid. This idea that the Commissioners are to blame IS the narrative and it IS false. (and, as you seem like a reasonably intelligent person who can put complete sentences together, I think you know it).


Oh, Ghost. Do you really think I personally need the assurance of a tire salesman or gas station guy to do the right thing?

First, Chris and Tim are our elected leaders and that makes them more than the way they earned their living in the past and may do again in the future. It goes for the sod farmer, too. Those are honest ways to earn a living and it takes some smarts to be a success in any kind of business.

Second, I don't believe you really think that , but geez! The insults and ad hom attacks are just bursting to get out of you sometimes. Fortunately, I've also seen you as an intelligent person who can act kindly and with decency, so I'm not mad about it. I acknowledge that -- perhaps -- I am driving you to frustration with my stubborn version of events. For now, I hope we can agree to disagree while listening to each other.

About needing assurance -- I'm fully vaccinated and I have followed CDC advice throughout the pandemic. But I was not talking about what I need. To me, it's what our community needs if we want to put the pandemic behind us.

Nearly 50 percent of our eligible county residents have not been vaccinated even though it is free and easily obtainable. A member of my own extended family refuses vaccination, but if Donald Trump had stood on the steps of the White House and rolled up his sleeve, my relative would have been next in line. If Dallas Heard led the way, my relative would take him seriously. He admires them and thinks they are honest people. Which is his right.

About half our local population is behaving in a similar fashion. We have elected officials here who have been supported by 60-70 percent of the voters. I am asking them to demonstrate to their supporters that vaccination is important. That's best demonstrated through personal example. Prince William and Duchess Kate bared their arms on TV for the world to see. It's not asking too much of our local leaders.

I doubt you really think about 50 percent of our population is some kind of stupid. (Your words.) Perhaps that was directed solely at me. I don't actually think you are bemoaning my lack of intelligence. That was your frustration, even anger -- rage? -- speaking. Pretty sure.

This is my reasoning: When people admire a public persona, they will often follow their lead. For example, when singer Taylor Swift urged people to register to vote in an instagram post, more than 150,000 people above normal in her demographic registered in the next 48 hours. From one insta-post.

Many of the residents in Douglas County admire and respect our elected officials. They may not be as popular as Taylor Swift, but it's not out of the question that 10,000 of their supporters might listen to them if they gave a straight-forward message that was not diluted and confused by contradictory efforts to give no offense to their voter base. They'd still get elected again.

Maybe sometime in the future we can talk about the hatched job pulled on the health department when Tim hired his friend Mel Cheney to write up a report that was full of anonymous sources saying, "Ain't it awful." Later on that.

It sounds as if your ire is up good and proper and you're defending the honor of the commissioners out of loyalty or trust or some other highly held value. Which is your right. I strongly prefer to look at both the strengths and the weaknesses. Tim gets credit for stepping up to plate in the past year. He doesn't get credit for what others have done. I can see both sides with Chris, too. You may notice that I don't talk about Tom Kress. That's because I don't know him, don't have any first hand info about him at all.

I think these kinds of discussions are healthy and important. Not just for us, but I think it's good for people who may read without commenting to see both sides of an argument from people who strongly disagree on some things, while maybe agreeing on others.

I hope it comes across to you, GhostofTom, and to lurking readers, that even if I sometimes disagree with you, I value what you have to say and want to hear about your opinions, experiences and knowledge. Let's keep talking as the situation progresses. I always like it when I see your moniker show up in the comments. Yep, even when we disagree.


Why do people like Mike keep scapegoating the County Commissioners for COVID-19 spread and deaths in this County? The Commissioners have done nothing but FULLY SUPPORT the local health community’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID and ensure that anyone who wants a vaccine is able to get one. This blaming the Commissioners is nothing more than a political hit job not intended to actually point to a real issue -- but create a false narrative that if repeated enough will actually be believed (i.e. propaganda). The Board of Commissioners working with multiple partners in the medical community and Dr. Dannenhoffer has put out DAILY information about COVID-19 prevention and have funded, supported (including being onsite helping with testing and vaccination clinics) and ensured that vaccinations are made available in EVERY area of Douglas County. Despite all of this, it's foolish to think that information from the Commissioners is somehow more impactful than what is provided to the public through their normal cable news networks, newspapers, social media outlets, friends, families and doctors (What is more impactful in your personal health decisions, what an elected tire salesman tells you or a medical doctor?). Anti-vaxxers existed long before COVID-19 -- and whether we like it or not, people are free to make their own choices about their personal health. Dr. Dannenhoffer has made it clear the nearly all people getting COVID are unvaccinated. So it’s pretty clear that those that have recently died of COVID are also unlikely to have been vaccinated. That's basic logic. If you can't see that, it's because you don't want to. What purpose does it serve to publically call out these deceased individuals as being so foolish to not have been vaccinated? All that does is fan the partisan arguments of anti-vaxxers who point to the far higher number of people who got COVID and lived -- and their ridiculous arguments about how getting a vaccine poses a greater risk. At this point, if you don't have all the information you need to make an informed decision about getting vaccinated -- it means you don't care -- because all of that information is readily available -- and whatever health risk you may incur as result of your decision is on you. Maybe we should blame the commissioners for not doing more get people to eat healthy because of all the people that die of heart disease? Maybe all obituaries should include any preventable cause of death so we can pick and choose who is worthy of our sympathy? Died of lung cancer? Maybe they wouldn't have smoked if the Commissioners have only told them about the risk of cigarettes! I know it would be very convenient for your personal issues with the Commissioners to be able to blame them for all things COVID-19 -- but despite your best efforts they aren't Trump, nor are they Dallas Heard. The facts clearly point otherwise. The Commissioners have taken this pandemic seriously and have (along with many others in the local medical community) done good job in their response.


I don’t think Ghost was necessarily defending the commissioners he was pointing out Mikes ability to make things up based on tracking down misinformation on the internet. Mike takes a narrative and runs with it wether it is true or not. In this case I do believe Mike does post some facts, although his look into them is one sided. Fact I do believe people come from outside of the area to be treated at the VA. I can even buy off that some of those may have had vivid and were tallied into some county numbers. I do not have any facts to this, but would think one or two could slip through the cracks. What Mike leaves out in his all to familiar narrative is that there are Veterans who go to Eugene to be treated. They either live in north county area or just do not like being treated in Roseburg. I am sure this happens at every VA center. So show me the facts that say how many percentage points of the county numbers are out of the area and then get on that darned ole computer and find out how many DC veterans actually get treated out of county and get tallied in another area. I think you’ll find it is a wash, not saying they shouldn’t be 100 hundred percent accurate but in this pandemic I don’t believe the numbers were accurate to begin with. Not blaming anyone or any political party, just think we were completely blindsided with this thing and there was lots of tracking after thoughts. By golly we will get the next one right! Right?


[thumbup] excellent points...


Over the past 14 days, Douglas County had 262 new coronavirus cases and 6 deaths, both alarmingly high numbers not seen for months. Douglas County now has a case rate of 233 and a positivity over 9%.

Meanwhile our County Commissioners send the message not to worry because they claim over 52% of Douglas County residents have been vaccinated. What they don't say is they achieved the 52% by including residents of other counties in their vaccination numbers.


Please point to where the Commissioners said "not to worry" because of the vaccination rates? You base your theory on including non residents on your own research which is limited to just looking at data posted on various websites. In other words you're just some guy who sits on his computer and thinks he's an expert (too many of your kind in this world). I will trust Dr. Dannenhoffer, MD, who has first hand knowledge of vaccination rates instead.


And you defend the commissioners for no other reason than they belong to the same political party as yourself. Way too many of your kind in this world as well.


Nice try. I'm a registered "non-affiliated". I never vote any party line. I strongly dislike Trump and do not believe the Big Lie about the presidential election. I simply believe in following the facts instead of buying into identity politics and rooting for a party like's its a sports team -- or idolizing an elected official like their an infallible gift from God. Every elected official does some things I agree with and other things I disagree with -- I tend to vote for those that do more of the things I agree with, regardless of party affiliation.

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